How to Get the Personal Refiner in No Man’s Sky

How to Get the Personal Refiner in No Man’s Sky

There’s a brand new way to refine materials in No Man’s Sky. Here’s where to get the Personal Refiner.

No Man’s Sky receives regular updates that keep it fresh. One of the latest is the Synthesis update which makes some great quality-of-life changes to the game. One of the most useful is the new Personal Refiner which allows you to refine materials right from your exosuit, without needing to place down any technology. Here’s how to get one.

How to Get the Personal Refiner

Getting the Personal Refiner in No Man’s Sky is pretty simple, though you will need some Nanites in your pocket. Head into space and summon the anomaly. If you’re hazy on how to do, so just press down on the d-pad and select ‘Summon the Anomaly’. Fly inside and head to the room behind Nada and Polo’s command room. This is where you can purchase upgrades for various gear. Speak to the Exosuit Iteration and then select ‘Research Exosuit Upgrades’. From here you can purchase the Personal Refiner.

How Much Does the Personal Refiner Cost

You’ll need to spend Nanites to unlock upgrades for your Exosuit. The Personal Refiner Upgrade costs 360 Nanites, which is pretty cheap. If you need more Nanites remember to check in with Helios in The Nexus and trade some information with them.

What Do You Need to Craft the Personal Refiner

Thankfully, the Personal Refiner doesn’t cost much to craft. There’s no expensive components like Wiring Looms or Gold, you’ll just need these easy to find materials:

  1. Oxygen (harvest from plant matter on Planets) - 150
  2. Chromatic Metal (Craft from Stellar Metals in a Portable Refiner) - 100

Installing the Personal Refiner

Once you have picked up the right blueprint from the Anomaly and gathered the requisite materials, head to your Exosuit inventory and press square/X. You can now install the Personal Refiner in a slot of your choice. We recommend placing it in a Technology slot.

Using the Personal Refiner

To use the Personal Refiner head into your Exosuit. Look for the Personal Refiner module and select it. It works in the same way as other refiners, in that you’ll need to add fuel (carbon or condensed carbon works fine) and then add a reagent. For example, adding Copper to a fuelled Personal Refiner will output Chromatic Metal.

That’s how to get the Personal Refiner in No Man’s Sky. For more help with the game, check out our guide on Ships. Elsewhere there’s also our look at Freighters and Earning Money Fast.

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