How to Hold Your Breath in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How to Hold Your Breath in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Stealth is extremely important in Breakpoint, meaning you’ll often have to take enemies down from afar. Here’s how to hold your breath while aiming.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out now, and looks to be a much more stealth-focused affair when compared to the last entry in the series. You can cover yourself with mud to hide from enemies, equip smoke-screen producing skills to your character, and can hold your breath to focus your aiming. The latter is an extremely important part of taking out enemies undetected, so we’ve detailed how to hold your breath in Breakpoint below.

How to Hold Your Breath in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

If you want to take out enemies unnoticed in Breakpoint, you have a few options. You can either sneak up to them and take them out with a knife, which will be virtually silent. You can also headshot them using a rifle with a suppressor attached, though you will have to be accurate. To improve your accuracy, you can hold your breath. To do so, press LT/L2 to aim your weapon, release some pressure on the trigger, and you’ll enter into the focused state. You can only do this for a short while, though your aiming will be considerably more steady.

How to Hold Your Breath For Longer

Initially, you’ll only be able to hold your breath for a few seconds in Breakpoint. It is possible to increase this time though, by investing Skill Points into certain upgrades. The Sharpshooter class comes with a Class Proficiency which allows for ‘longer breath control while aiming’. The Iron Lungs Skill will also add 100% breath control on top of this. It is found in the Sniper group of upgrades.

That’s everything we have so far on holding your breath in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For some tips on saving your game, head here.

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