How to Play Red Dead Online’s New Halloween Fear of the Dark Mode

How to Play Red Dead Online’s New Halloween Fear of the Dark Mode

The new limited Halloween game mode from Red Dead Online is all about man versus monster. Whatever your team, we'll teach you to survive and win.

Red Dead Online has taken a turn for the eerie in the wake of Halloween, the biggest content add-on being the new Fear of the Dark game mode, in which half a dozen human hunters must turn the tide against two supernatural slashers dubbed “The Night Stalkers”. And whether you’re planning to fight for mankind or side with the Stalkers, we’re here to help you see your way through to the dawn.

How Does Fear of the Dark Work?

Fear of the Dark is an online asymmetrical multiplayer game in which six normal players (the Hunters) fight against two stronger, faster players (the Night Stalkers), trying to build up their own power to the point where they can bring the Stalkers down. If the Hunters kill both the Stalkers, they win. If the Stalkers can kill the hunters, or survive for the whole match, they win.

However, it’s not as simple as a straight gunfight. The Stalkers are completely unkillable until the players can retrieve six masks spread around the map, making them incredibly dangerous. But for every mask the players collect, they get a free respawn for a team member, and if they get all the masks, the Stalkers become mortal and the tide of battle turns around fast.

The Hunters scour the map for the machete-wielding Night Stalkers. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games

Play Fear of the Dark to Get 3x Gold

Completing a match of Fear of the Dark gets you dollars and gold as usual, but while the game mode itself will be around until November 12, the game mode will be paying out three times the gold and twice the dollars until November 3, so best play it sooner rather than later!

Should I Play the Hunters or the Night Stalkers?

Obviously you should play both teams for the full experience, but which one you’ll prefer depends on what kind of game you like. The Hunters will be on the run for most of the game, trying to escape the Stalker’s clutchers, but if they find all the masks they get to turn on the Stalkers as a team and hopefully bring them down.

The Stalkers, on the other hand, are the ones with the power for most of the game, mainly through their inhuman abilities, such as being able to jump impossibly high and run faster than any human. These abilities are vital for chasing down Hunters, but they’re also important for outrunning them once all the masks are claimed and your immortality is lost. There’s not many experiences like it in Red Dead Online, so it’s best to try it out fast before the opportunity is lost.

The Hunters are merely human, and must work together to survive. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games

How Do I Start Fear of the Dark?

To find a lobby, simply open the main menu in Red Dead Online and select, appropriately enough, “Online.” Then scroll down to “Series Playlist” and the option should be first before you. Select it, and you’ll be placed into a lobby like with any other online match.

How Do I Play as the Hunters?

As a hunter, you’ll start with no weapons besides a simple knife, and you won’t want to use it because the Stalkers have huge machetes and throwing axes, both of which can kill you in one hit, while you won’t be able to hurt them properly at all… For now.

Instead, use your mini-map to find the masks around you, placed in glowing, evil-looking circles. Press the Square Button on the PS4 controller, or X on an Xbox controller to pick them up when you enter the circle, which will give you the mask. As a team, you need to pick up six masks to make the Stalkers killable, though with each mask you pick up, the group’s weapons will improve anyway.

Finding six supernatural masks is crucial to the Hunters' success. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games

How Do the Hunters Win?

While you can’t kill the Stalkers without getting all the masks, you can temporarily down them with enough damage, essentially knocking them out for a few seconds. For this reason, we recommend looking for the masks in pairs, trying to collect them as fast as possible but keeping a friend close by to increase your chances of spotting and downing any approaching psychopaths before they can kill you.

Once you have all the masks, it’s time to go hunting for real. Fan out across the map looking for the Stalkers, who will likely have started hiding the moment the last mask was collected. The more time left in the match, the more time you’ll have to search. Bring down both Stalkers and you’ll have won the game. However, be careful - they may try to attack you, and if they kill you, the mask will return to where you found it and they’ll become immortal again.

The Night Stalkers are a pair of inhuman killers armed with blades. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games

How Do I Play as the Night Stalkers?

The Night Stalkers play very differently to regular Red Dead cowboys, with a focus on fast movement and melee combat. Once the match starts, your goal is simple - hunt down the players and butcher them before they can get six masks. The players won’t show up on your mini-map unless they’re carrying a mask themselves, but finding them shouldn’t be too hard - just keep scouting the unclaimed masks until you see somebody sprinting for it, then turn them into paste.

As a Stalker, you have a machete and five throwing tomahawks, and we recommend holding onto the latter unless you really need to use them, as they’re your only ranged attack and you have to pick them up again if you want them back. Run towards your enemies and try knocking them down with a regular melee attack before using the machete to finish them off. You can also leap like a flea by holding down the jump button, which works for avoiding gunfire, staying out of sight, or clearing pretty much any obstacle, so make good use of that when the opportunity arises. When looking for approaching enemies, very few players think to look straight up, a mistake they might regret later.

Night Stalkers can jump like a startled kangaroo, and run faster than any human. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar Games

How Can the Night Stalkers Win?

If the Hunters get all the masks, switch from the offensive to the defensive. Night Stalkers don’t respawn after death, so you have two options available to you at that point: either stay on the run and try to survive until the end of the match, or try and kill one of the players so they lose their mask and you become immortal again.

The better choice depends on what the Hunters are up to, frankly. If they’re grouped together with guns pointing in every direction, it’s probably smarter just to stay out of their way, using your superior speed and the large size of the maps to keep your distance and outlast them. However, if you see any stragglers who wandered off on their own, now’s a great time to get a tomahawk out and drop them like a sack of ham. Once their mask is dropped, try and kill as many players as you can before they retrieve it, making the most of your brief immortality.

If you followed our advice properly you should be hanging either monster or hunter heads on the wall of your cabin and/or cave. And if you want to find out some good ways to spend your hard-earned money, why not check out our guide on the best weapons in Red Dead Online? Or if you prefer fighting humans to monsters, take a look at our guide on the most recent legendary bounties and the best way to bring them in. Or you could always got to our Red Dead Online Guides Hub, for all the info you could possibly need on how to survive in the Ol’ West.

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