How to Power Your Base in No Man’s Sky Beyond

How to Power Your Base in No Man’s Sky Beyond

You’ll need to power your bases after the Beyond update. Here’s how.

No Man’s Sky just received a huge update in No Man’s Sky Beyond. The expansion adds everything from rideable animals to depper multiplayer tools and a social space. There have been changes to the core systems too, and Base Building in particular has been refined. After you’ve updated the game with the Beyond expansion, you’ll need to power your bases. To help you work out the best way to power your bases in No Man’s Sky, we’ve put together this No Man’s Sky Power Guide. We’ll take a look at how to power your bases, what your options are for a fuel source, and which one we’d recommend.

Powering Your Base in No Man’s Sky

If you’ve started No Man’s Sky afresh since the Beyond update, you’ll actually be given a brief tutorial regarding bases (for a look at the basics of Base Building, head to our No Man’s Sky Base Building Guide). In it, you’ll construct a Base Computer, build a small base and then use a Construction Research Unit and Salvaged Technology to unlock the Bioreactor. You can use a multitude of different power sources in No Man’s Sky, but be aware that you will need to connect everything with Electrical Wires.

No Man's Sky Electrical Wires

If you want to distribute power around your base you'll need to use electrical wires. These can be learned for free from a Construction Research Unit, and are free to craft and place. Simply head into the build menu and aim your cursor at one of the power nodes connected to each base part. Press L2/LT to bring up options. For larger structures you'll need a transformer.

No Man’s Sky Transformers

Transformers will be needed if your looking to power larger structures. Simply run wires from the transformer to your base and power will be distributed evenly amongst all modules and terminals.

No Man’s Sky Batteries to Power Your Base

Batteries are an efficient way to power your base, as they don’t rely on fuel or an energy source to function. They will cost you a fair bit of Magnetized Ferrite, however, and you’ll need Condensed Carbon to finish things off. Here’s how to craft a battery in No Man’s Sky:

  • Magnetized Ferrite (60)
  • Condensed Carbon (100)
  • Blueprint: Battery (3 Salvaged Data)

No Man’s Sky Solar Panels

Another option for a power source for your base in No Man's Sky is Solar Panels. These will power your base during the day, though at night they won’t add anything. To build Solar Panels in No Man’s Sky you’ll need to following:

  • Metal Plating (2)
  • Chromatic Metal (75)
  • Gold (50)
  • Blueprint:Solar Panel (8 Salvaged Technology)

No Man’s Sky Electromagnetic Generator

Finally, we have the Electromagnetic Generator. You’ll be able to pick one of these up from the Nexus Station, though using it will take a bit of care. You’ll need to upgrade your Scanner first, with something called a Survey Device. This allows you to look for Power Hotspots, indicated by Electromagnetic radiation. Follow the pulsing signals on the left and right of the screen. Look for lightning bolt symbols indicating Power Hotspots, You’ll be able to draw power here.

So Which Power Source Should You Use to Power Your Base in No Man’s Sky?

Now that we’ve outlined all of the options for powering your base in No Man’s Sky, let’s take a look at what you should be using. The ideal is the Electromagnetic Generator, though this is costly and requires specific blueprints and upgrades. We recommend that you aim for a Solar Panel by day, Battery by night setup. This will have you covered for small to medium-sized bases, until you feel the need to upgrade.

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