How to Ride Animals in No Man’s Sky

How to Ride Animals in No Man’s Sky

You can now tame and mount creatures in No Man’s Sky. Here’s how to do it.

No Man’s Sky just got a pretty sizeable update in Beyond: adding new multiplayer features and tweaks to existing systems. One of the most interesting new additions is the ability to tame and ride certain creatures, though doing so isn’t as simple as jumping onto their backs. To help you unlock the ability to mount creatures in No Man’s Sky, we’ve put together this No Man’s Sky Rideable Creatures Guide. We’ll lead you through the process, step by step, so that you’ll be riding around the planet of your choice atop a creature in no time.

How to Ride Creatures in No Man’s Sky

In order to ride a creature in No Man’s Sky, you’ll first need to tame it. This is tricky because each animal requires a different kind of advanced bait, and you’ll need special equipment to synthesize it. Let’s lead you through the process.

1. Collect 10 Salvaged Data Pieces

The first thing you’ll need to do is collect 10 Salvaged Data pieces. To do so, locate Buried Technology points using your analysis visor. You can see what these points look like in the image below:

2. Head to the Anomaly to Purchase the Nutrient Processor Blueprint

Next up, you need to locate the Anomaly. This social area will present itself to you a few hours into the game, provided you are following the main questline. If you’re further into the game, head into space and press down on the d-pad to access the quick menu where you can summon the Anomaly. Once inside head to the back room of the area, opposite the room containing Nada and Polo. Inside you’ll find a Construction Research console. You can scroll along to find the blueprint for a Nutrient Processor. Buy it with the 10 Salvaged Data you collected earlier.

3. Build a Nutrient Processor in No Man’s Sky

Now that you have the blueprint for the Nutrient Processor, you should head back to your base and build it. You’ll need the following:

  • Metal Plating (2)
  • Hermetic Seal (1)
  • Sodium (25)

4. Find a Creature That You Want to Ride

If you have a specific creature you’d like to ride, find it and scan it. You’ll see details on the exact type of advanced bait you’ll require in the info on the left. Note this down and head to your Processor.

5. Craft Advanced Bait

You’ll need to collect Mordite or Faecium to use the Nutrient Processor. The former is found by killing animals or hazardous plants. The latter is found by feeding Creature Pellets to animals and waiting for them to poop. Once you have a good stock, track down the local flora in the area, indicated by a yellow wheat icon. Creatures on a specific planet will almost always require advanced bait made from local flora, so go and collect some and combine it all in the Nutrient Processor.

6. It’s Time to Ride a Creature in No Man’s Sky!

Now that you have the correct advanced bait, head to the creature you’ve chosen and drop some of it near them. They will eat it and become tame. Walk up to the creature to trigger the mount prompt.

Can You Ride Every Creature in No Man’s Sky

Given the huge variation in creatures in No Man’s Sky, you cannot ride all of them. Generally, if an animal is around the same size as you or larger, you can ride it. Once they get larger than your average ship, you cannot ride them. Even so, you’d be surprised by just how many of No Man’s Sky’s creatures can be ridden, so experiment and see for yourself!

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