How to Save in Outer Wilds

How to Save in Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds deals out wondrous space exploration in 22-minute chunks. But how do you save?

Outer Wilds is a game that keeps its cards very close to its chest. Other than a short, and totally optional tutorial, there’s very little in the way of hand-holding. You’ll need to work things out yourself, including the intricacies of the time loop imposed by the sun going all supernova on you. One thing you may struggle with in particular in Outer Wilds is saving, so in this Outer Wilds Saving Guide, we’ll lead you through saving your game. We’ll take a look at the Outer Wilds’ autosave system, and whether or not there is a way to save your game on your own terms.

How to Save in Outer Wilds

You’ll play the Outer Wilds in 22-minute chunks, as this is all of the time you’ll have before the sun explodes. Almost everything will reset after the time-loop, though thanks to some very clever Nomai technology, you’ll remember your journey. If you’re looking to save your game, you’ll need to reset the time loop. This means either waiting for the 22-minutes to pass, or you could kill yourself.

Can You Manually Save in Outer Wilds?

So Outer Wilds saves every 22 minutes, but is there a way to save manually? Unfortunately, the autosave system is your only option if you want to save your game in Outer Wilds. The easiest way to trigger this, however, is to kill yourself. The easiest way to do that, is to either find some Ghost Matter or step outside your ship sans-helmet. We’ll leave the method up to you, but successfully popping your clogs will reset the time loop and save your game. You could also quit from the menu, but where’s the fun in that?

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