How to Sprint in No Man’s Sky

How to Sprint in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky throws a lot at you in its opening hours, so much so that you might miss the fundamentals. Here’s how to sprint in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky just received another huge update as part of No Man’s Sky Beyond. Everything from Multiplayer to crafting has been tweaked, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting some of the basics. One thing you might want to know is whether or not you can sprint in No Man’s Sky. In this No Man’s Sky Sprinting Guide, we’ll take a look at whether or not this is the case, and how to do it.

How to Sprint in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky can be a daunting game to jump into. You’ll have a literal universe of things to explore, and plenty to keep you busy as you find your feet. This grand sense of scale is all well and good, but can lead to some of the fundamentals being glossed over. Many players have had trouble working out how to sprint, so to clear things up we’ll let you know that you need to press and hold R3 to sprint in No Man’s Sky.

How to Change the Sprint Button in No Man’s Sky

If you’re a PC player, you’ll be no stranger to remapping controls, but for console players there might be a bit of help needed. On PS4, head to the ‘Accessibility’ menu and select ‘Enable Custom Button Arrangements’. From here you can customize the sprint button, we recommend swapping it to the left stick. On Xbox One, head to “My Games and Apps”. Select “Apps” on the left side of the screen and launch the “Xbox Accessories” app. Select your controller, ‘Configure’ and then ‘Button Mapping’. You can now change the sprint button in No Man’s Sky.

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