How to Unlock all 29 Weapons in Splatoon

How to Unlock all 29 Weapons in Splatoon

Learn how to unlock every single weapon in Splatoon.

If you want to be the best Inkling on the team, you’ll need make sure you have the right tools for the job. There are a total of 29 weapons in Nintendo’s Splatoon that players can unlock, and this guide will teach you everything you need to know to add them all to your collection.

If you haven’t picked up Splatoon yet, head over to our in-depth review to see what we think of Nintendo’s fun and colorful new shooter. If you’re having problems finding all of the Sunken Scrolls required to unlock these weapons, check out our detailed guide to every Sunken Scroll’s location.

Even though Splatoon isn’t your typical shooter, weapons and gear are still an important part of the game. As you fight to capture as much land as possible before the timer expires, it’s even more important to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Each weapon has a unique set of stats like Range, Handling, and Ink Speed, and some are even better for particular game modes than others. Luckily you can test fire any weapon while talking to Sheldon at the Ammo Knights, so we suggest giving a few of them a try before making your decision. Of course you’ll have to unlock them first.

Below you will find a table featuring every weapon you can unlock, the amount of coins required to purchase it and level you must reach. Some weapons also require that you have certain collectibles called Sunken Scrolls, which can be found throughout the single player campaign. We also included this information, as well as the Sub Weapon and Special Weapon types for different gear.

Splatoon Multiplayer Tips

  • Use your Squid Jump – Don’t waste time running everywhere. You can jump straight to a teammate’s aid at any time by tapping their icon on the GamePad screen. This is great for getting you right back into the action, as well as making sure you always have your pal's back.
  • Be mindful of your base – One of the biggest drawbacks to staying on the front line is that many people forget to cover their base. Everything in your base can be painted, and leaving it unguarded is the perfect way to lose the match by allowing the enemy to flank you.
  • Play the single-player – We know you’re just here to paint, splatter, and Ink your enemies away, but the single-player game isn’t something you should forget about in your excitement to play Splatoon. Many of the missions work similar to the multiplayer, plus defeating the bosses in the single-player will allow you to open up better and stronger weapons to demolish your foes in the multiplayer.
  • Don’t paint the walls – The point of Splatoon might be to paint as much of the map in your color Ink as possible, but that doesn’t mean everything should be hit. Painting walls yields nothing towards the winning percentage, so don’t waste your time trying to cover every inch of the map. Focus on the ground paths, and paint everything that you can walk on.
Weapon Name Required Level for Unlock Purchase Cost Sub Weapon Special Weapon Required Single player Scroll
Splattershot Jr. 1 N/A Splat Bomb Bubbler N/A
Slattershot 2 500 Burst Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Custom Splattershot Jr. 2 800 Disruptor Echolocator Octostomp Scroll
Splat Roller 3 1,000 Suction Bomb Killer Wail N/A
Splat Charger 3 1,000 Splat Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Tentatek Splattershot 4 2,000 Suction Bomb Inkzooza N/A
Kelp Splat Charger 4 2,500 Sprinkler Killer Wail Octonozzle Scroll
.52 Gal 5 3,000 Splash Wall Killer Wail N/A
Classic Squiffer 6 5,000 Point Sensor Bubbler N/A
Krak-On Splat Roller 7 3,000 Squid Beacon Kraken N/A
Aerospray MG 7 4,500 Seeker Inkzooza Octowhirl Scroll
Jet Squelcher 8 4,000 Splash Wall Inkstrike N/A
Blaster 9 3,500 Disruptor Killer Wail N/A
Splattershot Pro 10 8,000 Splat Bomb Inkstrike N/A
.52 Gal Deco 11 4,500 Seeker Inkstrike N/A
New Squiffer 11 4,500 Ink Mine Inkzooza Octomaw Scroll
.96 Gal 12 7,600 Sprinkler Echolocator N/A
Splatterscope 13 3,500 Splat Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Aerospray RG 13 16,800 Ink Mine Inkstrike Octowhirl Scroll
Rapid Blaster 14 10,000 Ink Mine Bubbler N/A
Custom Jet Squelcher 15 7,900 Burst Bomb Kraken N/A
Dynamo Roller 15 7,900 Sprinkler Echolocator Octobot King Scroll
Dual Squelcher 16 9,800 Splat Bomb Echolocator N/A
Custom Blaster 17 6,800 Point Sensor Bubbler N/A
Kelp Splatterscope 17 7,800 Sprinkler Killer Wail N/A
E-Liter 3K 18 12,500 Burst Bomb Echolocator N/A
Rapid Blaster Deco 19 14,800 Suction Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Forge Splattershot Pro 20 19,800 Point Sensor Inkzooza N/A
Gold Dynamo Roller 20 25,000 Splat Bomb Inkstrike Octobot King Scroll

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