How to Unlock All Planets in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

How to Unlock All Planets in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

We show you how to reach every corner of the galaxy in Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has numerous worlds to visit and fight on, but not all are available from the start and some will require special efforts to reach. We'll show you how to get to them, and what you can expect to find.

The following article contains spoilers for the plot of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

How Many Planets Are There in Fallen Order?

Fallen Order has a total of eight worlds to visit across the course of the game, but not all are equally large or equally explorable. Once unlocked, there are five worlds which can be revisited and meaningfully explored - Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir and Ilum. The other three are essentially singular missions that cannot be revisited once completed, and do not hold any collectables to be found.

The Mantis' holotable can be used to travel to all unlocked planets. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Once unlocked, planets can be travelled to via the Holotable in the Mantis ship, simply by interacting with it and selecting that world. Greez will then fly the ship there, but will not land until you sit down in the co-pilot's seat.


Available as part of the game's tutorial, Bracca is a junkyard world in which the population scrap, rebuild and sell any technology they can get their hands on. When we see it in the game it's struggling under the oppressive rule of the Empire, its workers paid less and made to work more.

Bracca is a grim junkyard world run brutally by the Empire. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Bracca functions simply as the game's introduction, designed to teach you how to fight, explore and set up Fallen Order's plot. Once you leave the first time, there's no way to return - and frankly, it's hard to be disappointed about that, considering it's a scrappy hellhole.


Bogano unlocks immediately after completing the introduction on Bracca, but while this world serves as a continuation of the tutorial, you can return to Bogano at any point afterwards, in order to hunt collectibles and trigger later events in the story.

Bogano is a quiet, wild world touched by the remnants of old archeology. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

The small area of Bogano we experience around the Zeffo Vault is relatively peaceful, a wide mesa of marshy canyons and blue sky, occupied by wild animals in abandoned buildings. The creatures here are comparatively easy, with the exception of the Oggdo Bogdo miniboss found in the west caverns.


This planet becomes accessible after your first visit to Bogano and the Vault, a much larger area that extends into a large, subterranean temple slowly being excavated by the Empire.

Zeffo is the chilly home of an extinct civilisation. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

A long-abandoned world, Zeffo was once the home of an accomplished civilisation of the same name, who mastered the force but nonetheless fell into extinction… somehow? It's not made clear what killed the Zeffo, but the architecture they left behind in their temples was ornate and grandiose, fertile ground for any archeologist. They also built tall, slow-moving droids named Temple Guardians, who served to protect Zeffo long after their creators had died out.


One of the best-known planets in the Star Wars mythos opens up for you after your first completion of the temple on Zeffo, once Cal discovers a connection the planet's vast "Origin Tree."

The Wookie World of Kashyyyk makes a return to the series. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Kashyyyk, of course, is the homeworld of the Wookies, with a thickly-forested landscape hiding numerous deadly creatures. However, when we arrive it's also being plundered by the Empire, the Wookies enslaved and forced to mine for resources to keep the Empire strong. A rebel movement led by famed warrior Saw Gerrera is attempting to free the Wookies, but it's made clear that without help, they likely won't win.

Ordo Eris

Rather than a planet, Ordo Eris is actually just a space station concealed in a broken asteroid. It served as a hideout for the criminal organisation known as the Haxion Brood, run by the extravagant Sorc Tormo.

Ordo Eris is run by criminals who draw crowds to their fighting arenas. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

You can only go to Ordo Eris once and it's not by choice - at certain points in the game you can be ambushed by bounty hunters. If one defeats you it unlocks a side-mission in which you're kidnapped and taken to Ordo Eris to fight in their arena.


Birthworld of the legendary Darth Maul, the famously evil world of Dathomir is a combination of blighted swamps and wind-scourged cliffs. Dathomir can actually be visited early in the game - right after completing your first visit to Bogano - but you don't really need to go, as certain powers earned later will unlock all the meaningful areas beyond the starting village.

Dathomir is a sorcerous world which most of the galaxy fears. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Dathomir is unique for its resident Nightsisters wielding a style of the Force not used by either Jedi or Sith. Referred to as Magicks, this power focuses on illusions and trickery, and consequently its practitioners are often referred to as "witches." However, most of the Nightsisters were slain on the orders of Count Dooku, and consequently they cut themselves off from the wider galaxy, mistrustful of any other Force user.


An icy world reminiscent of Hoth, Ilum opens up after a confrontation on Dathomir that leaves Cal without his lightsaber, forcing him to build a new one with the kyber crystals that grow there in abundance.

Ilum is an arctic tundra that holds an abandoned Jedi temple. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Ilum's abundance of crystals made it a kind of rite of passage for Jedi, who would go there to find a crystal for their lightsaber in a ceremonial manner. Since the death of the Jedi, Ilum has become uninhabited and abandoned.

Nur/Fortress Inquisitorius

The final world and the final mission of the game, Nur unlocks after Cal eventually unlocks the Temple on Bogano and confronts the Second Sister for the second time, forced to pursue her when she steals the holocron hidden inside the Vault.

Rather than an expansive area to be explored like Zeffo or Kashyyyk, Nur is more of a structured, linear mission, as Cal and Cere infiltrate the Empire's Fortress Inquisitorius, a highly-secured facility under the ocean where it tortures recruits to make them into loyal Inquisitors made to hunt Jedi in hiding.

Nur houses the dread Empire facility known as the Fortress Inquisitorium. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Now that you know every world around, why not check out our guide on finding all the outfits in Fallen Order? Or you can see how to find every colour of lightsaber just over here.

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