How to Unlock More Weapon Slots in Borderlands 3

How to Unlock More Weapon Slots in Borderlands 3

You can eventually wield up to four primary weapons in Borderlands 3. Here’s how to unlock new weapon slots.

Borderlands 3 gives players access to a huge range of weapons, from hard-hitting rocket launchers to precise sniper rifles and pistols. You’ll start with two weapon slots, and can switch between the two by pressing Y/triangle. It is possible to unlock more weapon slots in Borderlands 3, and in this Weapon Slots Guide we’ll show you how. We’ll guide you through unlocking weapon slots in Borderlands 3, so that you can have access to more firepower on the go.

Borderlands 3 Weapon Slots: How to Unlock More Weapon Slots

Having two weapons to switch between will get you through the start of Borderlands 3, though you’re no doubt wondering when you’ll get more. Well, they are unlocked by playing through the story. The third weapon slot is unlocked while on Promethea, and the fourth is unlocked while playing through the main story on EDEN-6. For us, this was level 10 and 25 respectively. There is no way to unlock weapon slots early.

What is The Maximum Number of Weapons You Can Equip?

You’ll soon add a third weapons slot to your inventory. The maximum is actually 4, so you can really start experimenting with loadouts. You’ll need to equip new weapons once you’ve unlocked a new slot.

So What’s the Best Loadout

We recommend switching up your weapon loadout depending on what you’re taking on. For bosses, you may want to bring a heavy weapon, and for large groups a shotgun can be handy. Try to balance everything out, and avoid having two weapons which pull from the same ammo pool.

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