How to Use Action Skills in Borderlands 3

How to Use Action Skills in Borderlands 3

Action Skills are powerful moves in Borderlands 3. Here’s how to use them.

You’ll have a bunch of tools at your disposal in Borderlands 3, to help you survive the wastelands of Pandora and beyond. There are literally thousands of weapons to collect, and character-specific skills and traits. You’ll have access to an Action Skill once you start levelling up your character, each providing a different special move for you to use. To help you get started with Action Skills, we’ve put together this Action Skills Guide. We’ll explain how to use Action Skills, and also how to upgrade them once you’ve found one that you like.

How to Use Action Skills

Once you’ve earned your first skill point, you can unlock an Action Skill. You’ll notice a bar on the bottom left of the screen, which will fill in from blue to yellow, indicating that the Action Skill is ready. Some Action Skills can actually charge and stack multiple times, and will have a small number indicating how many uses are available. To use your Action Skill, press LB/F.

How to Unlock Action Skills

You’ll unlock Action Skills at the end of the first mission in Borderlands 3. Defeat Shiv, and you’ll earn your first Skill Point, which can be spent on one of three Action Skills.

Amara has access to a bunch of great Action Skills | Jake Green/USG

How to Switch Action Skills

If you’re torn between a few Action Skills in Borderlands 3, don’t fret! You can actually swap these out whenever you like, by heading into the skills menu. Unlike Skills, you can re-assign Action Skills from the main menu, whenever you’d like!

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