How to Use Special Ammo in The Division 2

Can you switch ammo types in The Division 2? Let’s find out.

The Division 2 gives you access to a dizzyingly large swath of guns to play around with. Some are lightning fast submachine guns, while others deliver single blasts of powerful 50 Cal bullets. You can get special ammo in The Division 2 though equipping it isn’t exactly obvious. In this The Division 2 ammo type guide, we’ll take a look at whether you can switch ammo types in The Division 2. We’ll also see the different types of ammo that are available, and how to use Special Ammo.

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The Division 2 Special Ammo

There are a few different types of special ammo available in The Division 2. Those of you who spent a lot of time with the first game will no doubt be familiar, though be aware that special ammo does not function in the same way as before. Let’s go into more detail.

Can You Switch Ammo Type in The Division 2?

Unlike in the first game, you cannot switch ammo types whenever you want in The Division 2. Special ammo is reserved to small red crates found in certain areas. They are consumables of sorts, in that they will apply a special ammo type to the weapon you have equipped. There will be a finite number of these special rounds, and once they’re gone you’ll need to find another red crate.

The Division 2 Special Ammo Types

There are a few different types of Special Ammo available in The Division 2, each offering a different bonus to your weapon. It’s tricky to tell which one you’re gonna get from an ammo crate, but seeing as they are all useful, it shouldn’t matter too much. Here are the different types of Special Ammo that you can find in The Division 2.

  • Incendiary - adds burning damage
  • Explosive - adds explosive damage
  • Piercing - adds a bleeding effect

Where to Get Ammo For Specialized Weapons

Once you reach World Tier 1 in The Division 2, you’ll get to specialize as one of three different roles. Upon doing so, you’ll get a brand new weapon, which will require its own set of ammo. To get more of it, you’ll need to take out enemies using the methods listed in the Specialization skill tree menu. For example, to get ammo for the specialized sniper, you need to land headshots on enemies.

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