Hyper Light Drifter for Wii U and Vita Canned Due to Port Problems and Health Issues

If you were hoping to see the Wii U or Vita, Heart Machine has some bad news.

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Hyper Light Drifter developer Heart Machine has announced that Hyper Light Drifter will no longer be coming to Wii U and PlayStation Vita. Heart Machine founder Alex Preston says that both versions had significant porting issues due to the fact that GameMaker: Studio, the engine powering HLD, doesn't play well with either platform. In his video message, Preston also cites health issues as a primary reason for leaving both platform behind.

"I've really not given my own health the best priority over the course of development and that takes its toll," said Preston. "I'm only human and have some very real limitations. Considering that, I've come to the decision to cancel the Wii U and Vita ports of Hyper Light."

Preston notes that the Vita version wasn't performing up to the studio's standards. On the Wii U side, he mentions that there was a native port option shown to the team by GameMaker developer YoYo Games, but YoYo and Nintendo could not come to a consensus to make that happen.

He called the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports a "massive task" and hazards that completely reworking the game for Wii U and Vita would take another six months at least. The studio is willing to swap backer choices to one of the other platforms, or provide refunds to unhappy backers.

Hyper Light Drifter vs. Wii U and Vita fans.

Preston wants to spend his remaining effort on Hyper Light Drifter towards further updates and finishing backer rewards.

Hyper Light Drifter is not the only game cancelled for either platform. On the Wii U side, the system has lost versions of Project CARS, Road Redemption, Zombie Vikings, 90s Arcade Racer, and Gone Home, with many of the developers looking forward to the upcoming NX instead. For the PlayStation Vita, Crows: Burning Edge, Moon Hunters, Not a Hero, Never Alone, BroForce, and Galak-Z were all cancelled, most citing issues with trying to fit their games on the low-power platform. The Vita itself also lacks the huge installed user base to justify additional work on the ports.

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  • Avatar for matthewjohnson31 #1 matthewjohnson31 2 years ago
    Yikes. Hope he's doing alright.
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  • Avatar for mobichan #2 mobichan 2 years ago
    Good on him for knowing his limitations and putting his health first. I think a lot of indie studios place unrealistic goals on themselves and very few know when to put on the brakes. I hope he feels better and gets the support he needs.
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  • Avatar for moroboshi #3 moroboshi 2 years ago
    I found the game horribly over rated to be frank. It looks nice enough and the music is great, but to play it is an exercise in pure frustration. It's one of those indie titles which revels in extreme, unfair and cheap difficulty, and as such has no regard for player time. I don't want to have to repeat each area half a dozen times to get past it. Life's too short.

    It also has no story, which makes the game world feel completely pointless and like a facade.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #4 chaoticBeat 2 years ago
    Screw the ports focus on your health. Apologies to the Nintendo console only people.
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  • Avatar for matthewjohnson31 #5 matthewjohnson31 2 years ago
    @moroboshi I share a similar disappointment, but I think what the game lacks is not story but shape. There is a story, but it is much more obtuse than it needs to be, and for no good reason that I can see. But what really got me is how much more slight the game felt than something like Legend of Zelda, despite the fact that they are so structurally similar and I spent a similar amount of time playing each. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I think it might boil down to something as simple as having the dungeons be more separate from the overworld, and numbering them so that the player knows how far in the game they are. I spent most of my time not knowing where I was going, and then all of a sudden it was over.

    I disagree on the gameplay though. The only problem I have with the gameplay is that there isn't more of it. Hopefully that will change, Alex Preston's health allowing of course.
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  • Avatar for gamingiszen #6 gamingiszen 2 years ago
    Would of been up my alley. Minimalistic zelda, portable? Yeah, I'd sign up for that. Of course priorities are priorities but I suspect if he wanted to do it, seeing as how much energy (read: fear) he put into those pc patches, he would of made it happen. Well, at least there's still axiom verge to revisit time from time (even though *admittedly* that game has a very unsettling atmosphere, where as hyper light straddles the atmosphere between light and dark leaning more toward the former, you know as miyazaki would so adroitly often do).
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  • Avatar for felicialong96 #7 felicialong96 2 years ago