Halo Infinite's Brutes Look Very Dumb, and I Love Them

Halo Infinite's Brutes Look Very Dumb, and I Love Them

Brute force.

Yesterday was full of surprises and reveals at the Xbox Series X games showcase: Halo Infinite! Fable! Stalker 2! Avowed! Forza Motorsport! But one reveal stood proudly above them all: that dorky-looking new Brute in Halo Infinite's gameplay reveal.

Not far from the conclusion of Halo Infinite's campaign gameplay, the Master Chief shoots two Brutes bearing down on him. One of them, though, is hit by the butt of Chief's rifle, which gave us an up-close look into the very soul of the Brute itself.

It was like witnessing the birth of a meme in real time. The poor (depending on how you look at it) Brute became an overnight internet sensation. While some cried that he looked reminiscent of a PlayStation 2 game, others quickly rallied around the big guy, supporting him through this incredibly difficult time of being used as a punch bag by the internet on top of the Master Chief.

Probably how the Brute sees itself. | @Rythaze on Twitter

I love that this Brute looks like his brain cells number in the single digits. I've always imagined the Brutes as the big dumb heavies of the Covenant army, and this one certainly fits the profile.

"Get oot ma ring." | @Spiteful1252 on Twitter

Aside from beating Brutes to death with a rifle, we saw the Master Chief exploring a big new Halo ring. The soldier's now got a fancy new grappling hook that he can use to traverse the game and pull enemies and objects towards him.

He just needs a bit of love. | @Considere_ on Twitter

Developer 343 Industries revealed after the showcase that you'll open up new areas to explore in Halo Infinite as you proceed through the story, and backtracking will be left open. The open world itself is massive, said to be at least the size of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians combined.

Halo Infinite launches this holiday, and I can't wait to meet more Brutes and befriend them all. It's launching for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. For a complete recap of everything else Microsoft revealed last night, head over to our Xbox Series X games showcase recap.

Header image credit: @Nibellion on Twitter.

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