Idol Fantasy Lets the Best Boys of the Idol Scene Duke it Out With Music

Things are heating up this summer.

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The J-Pop idol industry is fun, red-hot, and just a little bit corrupt (juuuust a little bit). If your mobile device is able to download games from Japan, you'll soon be able to play Square-Enix's Idol Fantasy, a game about idol groups battling for the hearts and minds of fans. If the game's opening scene is any indication, it looks like a very high-energy title.

When Idol Fantasy was announced last spring, we were disappointed to learn it's not an idol game starring actual Final Fantasy heroes. Maybe that's for the best. Cloud's a bit too sullen for the sugar-and-bubblegum idol scene, Locke would steal everything not nailed to the stage floor (if Balthier didn't beat him to it), the Warrior of Light is too stuck-up to perform for millions, and Jecht would fall head-first into every vice afforded by the lifestyle.

Besides, Idol Fantasy looks fun for what it is. Several idol groups face off against each other in a bloodless battle for the attentions of adoring audiences. The groups are designed by different artists: Tetsuya Nomura designed "LuCer," a three-boy troop that unsurprisingly looks like it'd be at home in a Kingdom Hearts game.

"Psst! Taiga! For the last time, we're the prerequisite goth group! No smiling allowed!"

Idol Fantasy comes to Japanese mobile devices later this Summer. No word on the game receiving any sort of a Western release, which is a shame. Let us sing and dance, Square-Enix.

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