If I Get Another Egg in Animal Crossing: New Horizons I'm Throwing The Evil Bunny Into the Sea

If I Get Another Egg in Animal Crossing: New Horizons I'm Throwing The Evil Bunny Into the Sea

Too many eggs.

It's finally here: Bunny Day. A time for hunting eggs, and then making things out of those eggs that are not edible. (Or are they?) It's the inaugural event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a timed celebration for all things Easter that have nothing to do with the religious implications of the holiday. Unlike past games' events, it's only active thanks to a patch, and runs from April 1 to April 12. "Bunny Day" itself falls on April 12, but that doesn't mean you can't get a hop on the crafting festivities early.

The downside of the two-ish week long Bunny Day event: I'm already tired of it. When I go fishing, I get an egg. When I hit a rock, I get an egg. When I shoot down balloons—chances are it's either an egg, or a recipe that utilizes the eggs. When I chop a tree, I get a "wood egg." When one of my villagers frantically flags me down, it isn't to give me another cute reaction. It's to give me some egg recipe. There are six types of eggs, meaning there are six slots of my inventory that are constantly occupied now.

I'm sure I'll exhaust myself with egg-related recipes soon—I don't know how many there are, but so far I have five—and continue accidentally farming eggs for furniture that does not match my island's style, but that I will craft anyways because the Silent Hill-looking bunny asked me to. (Early this morning, I remarked this in our work's Slack chat. Thankfully the likes of Twitter also see the unsettling resemblance. Zipper is not a bunny: It's a killer in a costume.)

I like my eggs sunny side up, not hard-boiled. | Caty McCarthy/USG, Nintendo

The recipes are all adorable, but I don't see myself using them beyond this event's period. Currently, I'm wearing an egg crown on my head, and the rabbit nose I bought at Able Sisters for the occasion. I crafted an egg bed that doesn't look like it'll crack if you lay down on it. The Scary Bunny That Is Totally Just Someone In a Bunny Suit told me that if I craft all the event recipes, I'll get a special prize on April 12. At the end of all this, I hope it's their own scary mascot head.

I tweeted (to get screenshots for this very article) a lament about the constant deluge of eggs, eggs, eggs. I don't want them. I want to farm for the new fish and bugs that have instead showed up across my island since it's now April. In the wee hours of the morning when I should have been sleeping, I even caught a cool new moth. A follower replied saying, "This terrifying rabbit has ruined the game lol." I've seen the same sentiment everywhere. While I wouldn't go that far, it has proven to be an annoyance during my morning chores on my island.

In past Animal Crossing games, events were more laid back. They barely even registered as events, outside of a few like the bash of New Year's Eve. Often, we'd get presents from our villagers for whatever the occasion was. In New Horizons, Nintendo is taking a more active approach to its events. Later in April, New Horizons will also be getting an Earth Day event where familiar plant enthusiast Leif will return for a short time. If characters returning becomes a staple for future Animal Crossing events, then perhaps we can count on the likes of Mr. Resetti and Kapp'n appearing in New Horizons after all. (Or at least we can hope.)

Despite all my whining, I think this framework largely works for Animal Crossing: New Horizons' events, should any other events take a similar form. These next 12 days will be slightly annoying for me personally (and anyone else who doesn't care for all the colorful eggs), but then I'll move on and just relax and enjoy the newly-sprouted cherry blossom trees all around my island. More than ever, Animal Crossing: New Horizons feels like a live-service game, which I think is the direction the series needed to feel fresh. The addition of crafting—thus giving you recipes to constantly pine after—was a smart step in that direction. It's one that opens the game up not just to free events, but maybe even a hefty paid DLC or something down the line too, which could be seen as either a good or a bad thing.

With events arriving on a downloadable patch basis now with a more robust aim, I'm excited for the future of the life simulation. Maybe for Super Mario Bros.' upcoming 35th anniversary, Nintendo can host a fun-filled Mario event. Halloween, I suspect, will have a particularly ghastly event, in a good way. I think I'm just underwhelmed by Bunny Day because I don't care too much for Easter. I'm not into the overtly cutesy style that inherently comes with the holiday, which feels aimed at kids. Let me collect bats or something instead, Nintendo.

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