If Travis Strikes Again Does Well, No More Heroes 3 May Follow: Suda51

If Travis Strikes Again Does Well, No More Heroes 3 May Follow: Suda51

Think of it as a warm-up for Travis. He's probably rusty.

Nintendo hosted a "Nindies" developer showcase just before the long weekend, and said presentation was capped with an announcement for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

The announcement was met with a lot of cheering and fist-pumping and celebratory shattering of florescent light tubes (or so I like to believe), but the excitement died down a bit when word got out that Travis Strikes Again isn't exactly a sequel to No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2. Instead, it's a collection of mini-games Travis must work his way through after he's sucked into a video game console (it happens).

There's a great chance the mini-games are high-quality stuff: One of them is designed by Yacht Club, and they have a bit of a pedigree. Still, fans of No More Heroes have been pining for a third game for a long time.

Cheer up, Touchdown worshippers. There's still a chance Travis will return to Santa Destroy for numbered-sequel mayhem.

"Butter!" "Tomato sauce!"

"If [Travis Strikes Again] succeeds I definitely want to put out a 3 someday," No More Heroes' creator Suda51 told Video Game Choo Choo during a PAX West interview. He added, "It's been a while since I was able to visit Travis myself even. I've been wanting to revisit the characters and the series for a really long time but with everything going on with Grasshopper [Manufacture] over the years with our other titles and everything, either the timing wasn't right or we were too busy at the time with other priorities. So as the years went by I had been feeling more and more that I wanted to go back to revisit [Travis] and not really reboot the series but go back to the series and instead continue it."

There you are, Heroes. If you buy Travis Strikes Again, No More Heroes 3 should (eventually, hopefully) follow.

Read the rest of Video Game Choo Choo's interview with Suda51 for more insight on Travis Strikes Again, Fire Pro Wrestling, and how to get Travis Touchdown in the Super Smash Bros series (hint: Ask!).

Travis Strikes Again comes to the Switch in 2018.

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