Igarashi Explains Bloodstained Switch Demo's Poor Performance at PAX

We also get confirmation Bloodstained Switch will launch with a 30 FPS frame rate.

Earlier today, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night creator Koji Igarashi posted a mini-update on the game's Kickstarter page. The update addresses concerns about Bloodstained's poor technical performance on the Switch, as well as the specs we can expect on Nintendo's hybrid console.

I played the Switch build of Bloodstained at PAX East last month and was surprised at its lag and frame skips. I wasn't the only one: Igarashi's update says the demo invoked a lot of backer discussion. Part of the slowdown on Bloodstained Switch, Igarashi says, was caused due to the Switch demo units overheating.

"Due to the way the consoles were kept inside closed containers for the demo, there ended up being a significant overheating issue. This caused the game to drop frames and not run as smoothly as we would have liked," Igarashi writes. "That same build (as well as subsequent ones) is much more stable when the console isn't overheated."

Igarashi also says Bloodstained Switch is still being optimized, which 505 Games confirmed when I asked about the build's performance.

How will Bloodstained run on the Switch when it finally ships later this year, then? The launch stats are currently set at 720p (fixed) and 30 FPS in handheld mode, and 720p (dynamic) and 30 FPS in docked mode. Docked mode will also treat you to "additional effects / visuals."

Some backers in the comments are disappointed Bloodstained Switch is launching at 30 FPS. I also played a PC build of Bloodstained that seemed to run at a steady 60 FPS, so I'm likewise a bit let down. That said, "launch stats" indicate there's hope we'll see a bump up to 60 FPS (or somewhere close to that) on the Switch sometime down the line.

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