In The Outer Worlds, it’s Easy to Miss All the Options for Your First Huge Choice

In The Outer Worlds, it’s Easy to Miss All the Options for Your First Huge Choice

There's more to it than who you take your power regulator from.

Once you're dethawed and planetside, Obsidian doesn't take very long to throw a big choice at you in The Outer Worlds. It seems like it's an either-or situation, and on one level it is: no matter how you resolve the quest in question, you'll take a sci-fi MacGuffin away from one place or another. Really though, there are subtle variations on your options that lots of players, myself included, are missing on their first playthrough.

Okay, so spoilers for the first area of The Outer Worlds start now. Once you land on Terra 2 and commandeer your new ship, The Unreliable, you're told that you need a power regulator in order to fly. After talking to Reed Tobson, the administrator in nearby Edgewater, you're told there are only two power regulators around—one belonging to the town, and one belonging to a group of deserters in a settlement led by Adelaide McDevitt. Divert all the local power to one group, and you can take the regulator from the other.

Hirun wrote USgamer's detailed guide on how to handle this choice; evidently I should have read it as I played, because you can do more than pick which group you're screwing over for your regulator. I'll leave the exact details to Hirun's guide (I mean, that's what it's for), but just know that a little extra legwork can bring the two communities together and not leave dozens of people without power.

I'm far from the only player who nabbed my regulator (from Tobson, if you must know) and left Terra 2 in a rush without learning about my other options. "I didn't know you can make the deserters join Edgewater, which now makes me so sad," writes one Reddit commenter. You'll find similar sentiments in other threads on The Outer Worlds subreddit and on Twitter—of course, you'll also find a fair amount of people who're just going on killing sprees throughout Edgewater, which is also a valid-if-morally-repugnant way to play things out.

This news is definitely going to make me slow down and seek out other options as I continue playing The Outer Worlds, though I don't think I'll go back and change the decision I've made now. As Mike mentions in his review, The Outer Worlds is keen on having its quests branch off every which way, so whenever you think you've been dealt an either-or choice, poke around some more. If you're prone to decision paralysis in RPGs like these, then keep the rest of USG's guides on The Outer Worlds handy, just in case.

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