Inafune and Mega Man Zero Team Bring Us Azure Striker Gunvolt

Inafune and Mega Man Zero Team Bring Us Azure Striker Gunvolt

Undeterred by Capcom sitting on Mega Man, Inti Creates and Keiji Inafune bring us a wonderful-looking new 3DS platformer.

If you're into Japanese games, BitSummit, an event which launched last year and had an immensely positive effect on Japan's independent development scene, is something you'll want to keep a close eye on -- particularly if a recent reveal from the show is anything to go by.

Inti Creates, the team best known for bringing us the Mega Man Zero and ZX series, is working on a new game -- and Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is directing the action. Here's the first trailer.

Azure Striker Gunvolt, as the new game is known, is an old-school, sprite-based platformer for 3DS, set to release on the Japanese eShop this summer. Taking on the role of the eponymous hero Gunvolt, you'll help a rebellion fight against the powerful conglomerate, the Sumeragi Group -- an organization who, despite bringing the world peace and order, is subjugating those with psychic powers such as Our Hero.

Gunvolt has lightning-powered abilities, allowing him to fire lightning rods at enemies and chain kills together with spectacular results. Judging from the trailer, it looks as if his abilities aren't just limited to attack powers, either; throughout the footage, we see him floating through perilous environments encased in a ball of lightning as well as using lightning to quickly dash through obstacles. We're also promised that his powers will "awaken" over the course of the game, leading to increasingly ridiculous-looking abilities for him to use against his foes on his quest.

Gunvolt's enemies are also psychics, leading to some spectacular boss battles against fearsome foes such as Melac, who uses Portal-style wormholes to unleash unpredictable attacks, and Daytona, who embodies the power of fire and explosions with predictable results. There's a touch of the old-school Mega Man here in that each boss seems to embody a particular type or element of psychic power, but it remains to be seen whether or not Gunvolt will be able to take their powers for his own once he defeats them.

Regardless, the whole thing looks decidedly lovely, and will undoubtedly keep Inafune fans busy while the renowned creator and his team continue work on Mighty No. 9. There's no official word on a US release as yet, but the fact that the video is fully subtitled throughout would seem to suggest that an English language release will be forthcoming, hopefully in the near future.

Check out the official site here.

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