Incredible Breath of the Wild Mod Reimagines the Game with Zelda as the Hero

Incredible Breath of the Wild Mod Reimagines the Game with Zelda as the Hero

The Legend of...Zelda.

One of the earliest rumors surrounding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was how players might be playing a female Link, or even Princess Zelda. While those rumors were later disproven, it speaks to how players want to play as Zelda in a Zelda game. Now, thanks to a Wii U mod for Breath of the Wild, it might be possible.

A group of modders, originally looking for a working character model for Breath of the Wild's Zelda, are now working on an extensive mod to let players control Zelda in her own Breath of the Wild adventure. One that's complete with unique armor, voice, and story elements.

The team, which includes modders like WilianZilv, Skriller, Ainz, and several others, are working on giving Zelda her own story in Breath of the Wild through their mod. Speaking with Kotaku Ainz says that the team is working on designing new armor, a different title screen, and even changing in-game journal entries so that it's as if Zelda is writing them, not Link.

This is possible because of the cracked Wii U hardware and an unfinished Zelda model that only provided Zelda but without limbs. The team built upon this model and now have working custom armor and Zelda variants of existing items. The armor is designed separately by a concept artist, then modeled by modders for in-game use.

While the tools needed to make the mod are still works-in-progress, the team wants to release a public version of the mod for Wii U and CEMU emulator, and maybe even a Nintendo Switch version. Considering a hack was discovered recently for the Switch, it might not be impossible.

The team releases periodic video updates on YouTube which you can see over on their channel. For more on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, check out our complete Breath of the Wild guide and our complete ranking of the best Zelda games. Or our write-up on how we named Breath of the Wild our Game of the Year 2017.

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