Indivisible's New DLC Takes Your Cliffhanging Skills to the Limit

Indivisible's New DLC Takes Your Cliffhanging Skills to the Limit

Walk along the razor's edge with Razmi's Challenges.

Indivisible, a distinctive platformer-RPG released last year, received some DLC today. "Razmi's Challenges" is now available to purchase for $7.99 if you love platforming challenges that slap you across the face and then boot you in your tailbone.

As the name suggests Razmi's Challenges are platforming and combat levels woven together by Indivisible's twisted Shaman, Razmi. Ajna, the protagonist of Indivisible, must defeat each of the 40 challenges with only a handful of skills. Succeeding won't be easy. Even though Razmi is Ajna's friend, she enjoys seeing the young heroine fall flat on her face. It's how she gets her kicks.

The DLC is available on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox versions of the game, and starting it up is easy. Just talk to Razmi in Ajna's Inner Realm once you visit Mt. Sumeru for the first time. More challenges are unlocked as you continue to play and explore.

If you haven't played Indivisible yet, now's not a bad time. It's a charming RPG that borrows a lot of its mechanics from Square Enix's classic 1999 PlayStation RPG, Valkyrie Profile. Unlike most RPGs, your reflexes count toward a major part of your success. You're expected to scale cliffs and leap across platforms as often as you're expected to take down foes.

If you need more motivation, consider Indivisible is now on the Nintendo Switch, though it launched ahead of publisher 505 Game's intended release schedule. It seems an older version of the game was put on the store, and though it reportedly runs well, this version has some performance issues that developer Lab Zero Games intended to smooth out with a day one patch. Said patch is coming soon.

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