Infamously Obtuse Adventure Puzzle Game Myst is Getting its Own Movie and TV Universe

Myst opportunities.

The '90s were all about neon colors, slap bracelets, and screaming "What do you want from me?" at the sometimes-opaque adventure puzzle game, Myst. Now that Myst is getting its own movie and TV universe, you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the series' haunting atmosphere without doing any heavy thinking yourself.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Village Roadshow Entertainment acquired the rights to turn Myst into a multiplatform universe. Currently, some of the planned projects are scripted, and others aren't. The projects are being developed with the aid of Myst's original creators, brothers Rand and Robyn Miller.

The first Myst game caused quite a stir when it hit Mac and then PC in 1993. Console gaming was still king in North America at the time, and Myst demonstrated the kind of in-depth gaming experiences that were only possible with the somewhat new-fangled CD ROM. Myst is a deep, interactive journey through the titular island world of Myst. Myst holds dark secrets that you have to uncover, but the island doesn't surrender those secrets easily. There are myriad puzzles to sort out first, many of which became the bane of computer gamers at the time. Getting answers wasn't easy, either. Sure, the Internet was a thing by then, but GameFAQs and YouTube walkthroughs sure weren't.

At least a Myst movie and/or TV series will be a good way for us to enjoy the games' fascinating stories without making us want to pull our hair out. But if you're still up for the classic Myst game experience, you have your choice between versions published on Mac, PC, Linux, Amiga, PSOne, Atari Jaguar CD, 3D0, the Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo 3DS.

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