Innovative 7DFPS Title SuperHot Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Innovative 7DFPS Title SuperHot Launches Kickstarter Campaign

One of the most interesting titles from last year's 7 Day FPS game jam is being developed into a full game.

Game jams are interesting affairs to observe. Not only do they provide an often much-needed opportunity for developers to let their hair down and go crazy with some experimental game concepts, they can also occasionally give rise to innovative new titles worthy of exploration as full projects.

One such example that came out of last year's 7 Day FPS challenge was SuperHot, an intriguingly innovative take on the first-person shooter in which the player found themselves not only in control of their character, but of time, too.

The concept of SuperHot is that time only moves at its normal rate when you're moving. Stop moving and everything will slow to an almost-standstill, allowing you to take a moment to look around, survey your surroundings and incoming threats (like, you know, bullets) and react accordingly. It's a superbly satisfying simulation of having lightning reflexes, and it's a fantastic twist on a genre of games often regarded as somewhat stagnant.

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Now, the proof-of-concept demo that the development team put out during 7DFPS is being assembled into a full-scale game. Much like the demo, the full game will feature a variety of puzzle-like scenarios in which your task is to determine the most efficient means of dispatching all the enemies in the area while contending with the time-bending mechanics and the severely limited amount of ammunition. There's no health regeneration or medpacks -- getting hit by a single bullet will kill you, but there's a Super Meat Boy-esque instant restart facility -- and the only means of getting more ammunition is to acquire it from fallen enemies. As such, you'll need to take full advantage of your ability to stop time to carefully and methodically kill off your foes in such a way that you will be able to reclaim their weapons and stay out of the line of fire as much as possible while moving.

In order to help make the team's vision a reality, a Kickstarter page has gone live for the project. The ambitious $100,000 goal the team has set for the project is intended to cover cost of living for the developers during their work on the game, along with the purchase of necessary hardware, software and licenses and the hiring of additional team members as required. Any funds over and above the initial $100k will be put towards promoting the game at various events around the world.

The intention for the final project is to include a story-driven single player campaign that unfolds across a number of different environments, enhancements to the game's already distinctive art style, an "infinite" mode allowing you to see how long you can survive, more weapons, more enemy types and Oculus Rift support. The team is aiming to release a beta version by February of next year -- one of the reward tiers grants you beta access -- with the full version to follow in June. So far 745 people have pledged their support for a total of $16,092 at the time of writing; if you'd like to join them, check out the Kickstarter campaign page here.

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