Inside and Limbo Releasing This Month on Nintendo Switch

Playdead's praised duo of games are releasing on Nintendo's latest console this month.

Both Inside and Limbo are coming to the Switch later this month, Playdead has announced today. Both the acclaimed games from the developer will be launching on June 28.

In a response to a tweet from Japanese magazine Famitsu earlier today, Playdead revealed that both Inside and Limbo would be arriving on Nintendo Switch on June 28, which is just over a week away.

As of right now, we're unsure of whether the two titles will be available individually, or purely as a double pack. We're also unsure of whether there'll be physical releases for Inside and Limbo on the Switch, or if it'll be a purely digital release.

What we do know is that both Inside and Limbo will release worldwide on the Nintendo Switch on July 28. Previously, Inside developer Playdead announced that it was teaming up with Realdoll, a sex doll manufacturer, for a $375 special edition.