Insomniac's Spider-Man Will be Locked at 30FPS for Both PS4 and PS4 Pro

But Mary Jane will be playable!

We now know more about Insomniac's upcoming Spider-Man game for the PS4, and thanks to a new media tour, we're finally getting some more info about the game's gameplay, playable characters, and graphics.

In a cover story feature with Game Informer, Insomniac Games' creative director Bryan Intihar revealed a couple interesting tidbits including the fact that framerate for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of the game will be locked at 30fps, and hints at only some performance boosts in the PS4 Pro version.

Other tidbits (gathered from a Game Informer video by Nibel) revealed that the open-world New York is "several times larger" than Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive, and that fast travel will be done through New York's subway system ( I love this).

Additionally, players will be able to play as Mary Jane, unlock a ton of collectible outfits with unique abilities including a Spider-Punk variant with a guitar attack, and a photo mode. No original characters however as Intihar reveals all major characters are from the comics.

Spider-Man can also tread water apparently, a direct callback to Activision's Spider-Man 2 game where Spider-Man would drown upon touching the cold New York waters. However, classic mini games like balloon retrieval and pizza delivery will not be present.

We know now that Marvel's Spider-Man will launch on the PS4 on September 7. For more information, check out our Everything We Know About Spider-Man guide for all the latest details, trailers, and info.

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