Introducing Red Dead Radio: A Podcast and Video Show All About Red Dead Redemption 2!

Introducing Red Dead Radio: A Podcast and Video Show All About Red Dead Redemption 2!

With Red Dead Redemption 2 nearly upon, we're partnering with a podcast devoted to Rockstar's open-world western. Here's what you need to know!

Red Redemption 2 is almost here! In celebration, USgamer is partnering with Red Dead Radio Online, a podcast and video show devoted to covering all things Red Dead Redemption 2. We'll be embedding episodes in our guides, news articles, and wherever else host Jared Petty can provide extra insight on the topic of hand. To kick things off, we asked Jared to introduce himself and talk a little about the show, so here we go!

I'm Jared Petty, and for the last few months I've been hosting a show about Red Dead Redemption 2. Why make a whole podcast series around one game? Because games like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto are designed with discussion in mind. Their open-world structure, exploratory mechanics, and reliance on emergent gameplay mean that every player has distinct and memorable experiences to share, and talking about those moments with friends is a lot of fun.

Rockstar Games tend to be highly cinematic, and I wanted to explore the film inspirations that informed the design of Red Dead. So we chat a lot about movies. And Red Dead is built with a multiplayer online mode in mind, which means we can likely expect a regularly-updated, game changing support and event structure from Rockstar that should keep things interesting for a long time. Undead Nightmare, anyone?

I was lucky enough to get hands-on time with Red Dead Redemption 2's pre-release demo, and I walked away thinking we’re on the verge of something really special. I hope that you’ll choose to take part in the show! We want to hear what happened to you in Red Dead 2. Tell us about the bizarre events, the moving moments, and all those times a cougar jumped on your face! You can reach our mailbag at

We'll be covering Red Dead through launch, through the Red Dead Online beta, into the full online release, and beyond. If you’d like to subscribe, you can find us at Hop, Blip, and a Jump or if you prefer audio, you can listen on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Or just look for the Red Dead Radio videos embedded in your favorite USGamer articles!

Red Dead Radio is partnering with USGamer to cover the release of the year's biggest multiplayer game, so you’ll sometimes see episodes of my show embedded on this site. Each episode we welcome guests from the gaming industry to discuss their takes on Red Dead Redemption, cowboy flicks, open world game design, and much more. I hope you’ll watch.

Jared Petty isn’t sure what his job is anymore, but among other things he’s a host at Kinda Funny Games and creator of Red Dead Radio: The Red Dead Redemption Podcast, Hop, Blip, and a Jump (a video series on why games matter), and Pockets Full of Soup (a storytelling show). He also writes about games professionally and hosts at industry events. He's been reading USGamer for a very long time and working with the team here makes him feel all giddy.

For our Red Dead Redemption 2 guides, you can check out our main Red Dead Redemption 2 guides hub. There's also our complete Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats guide, a page on how to get a new horse in RDR2 if you're stranded in the middle of nowhere, and our guide on how to earn RDR2 money quickly in the wild west. We've also got a Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Hunting Loctions guide, and a look at RDR2 Legendary Fishing Locations. We've also got pages on how to find the Jack Hall Gang treasure, and how to get perfect pelts in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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