Is a New Valkyria Chronicles on the Way? A New Sega Trademark Offers Hope

Is a New Valkyria Chronicles on the Way? A New Sega Trademark Offers Hope

Sega has reportedly trademarked the names "Valkyria: Azure Revolution" and "Valkyria of the Blue Revolution."

When we last checked in on Valkyria Chronicles, it was enjoying a surprise renaissance on the PC. Will that success translate into more sequels? A new trademark is offering fans hope.

Gematsu reports that Sega has trademarked "Valkyria: Azure Revolution," which appears to follow on from its trademark of "Aoki Kakumei no Valkyria" (Valkyria of the Blue Revolution) back in mid-October. It could ultimately be nothing more than another mobile-based card game, but whatever it turns out to be, it appears that Sega at least has something in the works for the series.

Originally released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2008, Valkyria Chronicles grabbed attention in the U.S. and Japan with its outstanding cel-shaded graphics, in-depth strategy, and large roster of memorable characters. Its story had heavy anime influences, but its reliance on war drama tropes proved fun and refreshing rather than tired. Though it enjoyed only modest sales in the U.S. and Japan, Sega pushed forward with turning it into a full-blown franchise by quickly releasing an anime and a sequel for the PlayStation Portable.

Alas, Sega's aggressiveness was their undoing. Valkyria Chronicles 2 was criticized for sacrificing the original's scope in the move to the PSP, and fans bemoaned the more cliche high school comedy of the sequel. Moving to the PSP also killed any momentum the series had in the U.S. Within three years, the series was a dead letter.

In 2014, though, Valkyria Chronicles was unexpectedly released on Steam, where it promptly shot to the top of the charts. A year later, it seems that Sega may have pried the final nails off the coffin of Valkyria Chronicles. At least we hope so.

A full-blown console or PC release may be too much to hope for, though. Earlier this year, Sega underwent a dramatic restructuring with an eye toward shifting resources toward mobile and PC. In that light, the triumphant return of Valkyria Chronicles may well be on iOS and Android.

We'll just have to see. Sometimes renewed hope can be the worst.

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