Is Animal Crossing New Horizons Going to Be On Nintendo 3DS and 2DS?

Is Animal Crossing New Horizons Going to Be On Nintendo 3DS and 2DS?

We look at whether the newest Animal Crossing will be available on other handheld devices.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is set to be one of the biggest Spring releases of 2020, featuring a desert island for players to make their own. But will the game be available on the older 3DS and 2DS platforms? We'll explain all the details you need to know here.

Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Be on the 3DS?

No, all the information currently available indicates that New Horizons is not going to get a 3DS or 2DS port, despite being a natural fit for the series. Admittedly, there's been no statement from Nintendo officially stating that it won't happen, but it seems unlikely at this time to expect one in the future.

Why Isn't Animal Crossing New Horizons on the 3DS?

Without a clear statement from Nintendo we can only speculate, but the Nintendo Switch has sold well enough in recent years that a version on the 3DS just may not be necessary. We've also seen Nintendo in the process of seemingly emigrating a lot of their major franchises from the 3DS to the Switch, such as what happened with Pokemon Sword and Shield last year. Animal Crossing seems to be continuing that trend, so it wouldn't be wise to assume that a 3DS port is coming in the future.

"Look kid, I want a 3DS port, you want a 3DS port, but I can't make these numbers add up, no matter how many cocktails I knock back." | Nintendo

If you're still getting Animal Crossing New Horizons when it releases in March, why not check out some of our guides so you're as prepared as possible? We've got advice on sending cards and presents to your friends right here, or go to this page to find out about the variations in the four seasons.

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