Is Outer Wilds Coming to PS4?

Is Outer Wilds Coming to PS4?

Outer Wilds is currently only available for Xbox One and PC. Is that likely to change in the future?

Outer Wilds is the latest indie darling to take the gaming world by storm. It is a bite-size space adventure game, which offers up a handful of meticulously designed planets for players to explore. It features some pretty nifty puzzle sections, and space-faring, rocketship flying exploration. So with so many falling in love with Outer Wilds, you may be wondering what platforms it is currently on. We’ll answer that, and more in this Outer Wilds PS4 Release Guide.

Outer Wilds PS4

At the time of writing, Outer Wilds is available for Windows PC via the Epic Games Store, and Xbox One. You cannot get Outer Wilds for PS4, and there’s currently no release date announced for an Outer Wilds PS4 version.

Is Outer Wilds Coming to PS4?

So Outer Wilds isn’t on PS4 right now, but is it coming anytime soon? Unfortunately, there has been no official word on whether Outer Wilds is coming to PlayStation 4. Mobius Digital has thus far only talked about the PC and Xbox One versions. We wouldn’t be surprised if Outer Wilds did eventually make its way to PS4, especially given that it isn’t published or financed by Microsoft in any way. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated with any developments.

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