Is Sekiro on Switch - Which Version of Sekiro is Best? PS4 or Xbox One?

Is Sekiro on Switch - Which Version of Sekiro is Best? PS4 or Xbox One?

Wondering what platform you should pick up Sekiro on? Look no further.

Sekiro, the latest hack, slash and die game from the sadistic bunch over at From Software, is out now. And as is always the case with new releases these days, there are some subtle differences between each version on each platform. If you include the enhanced versions of the PS4 and Xbox One, there’s a lot to consider, but luckily, there’s some useful info knocking around on how each console handles Sekiro. In this Sekiro Performance Guide, we’ll be taking a look at which platform you should be picking Sekiro up on. We’ll also take a look at whether or not Sekiro is coming to Nintendo Switch.

We’ve been hard at work, battling through the ruined world of Sekiro to bring you a bunch of guides to help you out. You can find them all in our Sekiro Guides Hub.

Which Version of Sekiro is the Best?

When looking at which version of best, you’ll be comparing the Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, and PS4 Pro versions. And luckily for you, our pals over at Digital Foundry have done a detailed analysis on how each console handles Sekiro. In terms of the base consoles, DF found that PS4 rendered at a higher pixel count than the Xbox One. PS4 also produces higher quality shadows. All in all, in terms of performance, the two base consoles are fairly similar, capped at 30fps and both experiencing occasional stuttering issues.

It’s the enhanced consoles that are more interesting though, with PS4 Pro outpacing the Xbox One X and offering a higher framerate on average. Both versions have an uncapped framerate, though don’t expect to be reaching 60fps as in the promotional material leading up to launch. If you have a 120Hz display, you’ll want to go for the Xbox One X version, which supports it. This removes a lot of the stuttering and actually puts it above the PS4 Pro in this case.

Overall then, you’ll want to go for the PS4 Pro version if you can. If you have a 120Hz display, get the Xbox One X version. If it’s a choice between the base consoles, DF recommends that you stick with the PS4.

Sekiro PS4 Framerate and Resolution

Looking at the DF breakdown, it looks as though PS4 delivers on 1080p resolutions. The framerate is less stable though, regularly dipping below 30fps.

Sekiro Xbox One Framerate and Resolution

The base Xbox One version of Sekiro is easily the least impressive here, offering 900p resolution. The framerate is in line with the PS4 though, but it does seem that the shadows are of lower quality.

Sekiro Xbox One X Framerate and Resolution

On Xbox One X, you’re likely to get an 1800p resolution. In terms of framerate, it looks as though, while it’s uncapped, it only manages ‘upper 30s to upper 40s’. The article mentions that the Xbox One X does have slightly sharper shadows than the PS4 Pro game.

Sekiro PS4 Pro Framerate and Resolution

The PS4 Pro offers 1800p as well. The framerate reaches the upper 30s to upper 40s. DF notes that while the Xbox One X has a slight boost in clarity, the PS4 Pro uses image reconstruction to match it closely. There is very little difference between the two.

Is Sekiro Coming to Nintendo Switch?

With Dark Souls Remastered landing on the Nintendo Switch last year, many fans have been wondering whether or not From Software’s latest game Sekiro will be making its way to the Nintendo hybrid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look likely. Sekiro looks to be a pretty demanding game technically, so we might have to wait for a more powerful Switch to arrive before we get to repeatedly die while playing on the morning commute.

That’s all of the info we have on the best version of Sekiro. For more on the game, why not check out our Sekiro Review in progress.

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