Temtem Nintendo Switch Release Date

Temtem Nintendo Switch Release Date

We look at when Temtem will be out on Nintendo Switch and go through all the details you need.

Temtem is already making waves on the PC, featuring a massively-multiplayer online take on the idea of capturing, training and battling magical creatures of numerous varieties. It's certainly a familiar concept, but people are wondering if Temtem will be on Nintendo Switch at any time in the future, and consequently compete with THAT franchise directly.

Will Temtem Be on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, according to the developers' own kickstarter, as a Nintendo Switch port was one of the stretch goals associated with the game while it was being crowdfunded.

Temtem has been promised for the Switch, after easily exceeding its associated Stretch Goals. | Crema/Humble Bundle

When is Temtem Out on Nintendo Switch?

In a recent FAQ from the developers Crema said that a Switch version is planned for May 2020, though have yet to come down on a specific date within the month. They've also said that there are no plans for a physical release, and that the game will be digital only. Whatever the case, we'll be sure to keep you updated as news emerges, both on this page and on our Upcoming Releases page.

What Other Platforms Will Temtem Be on?

Developers Crema Games have also said that Temtem will be on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, though again we don't have a clear indication of the time scale at play, nor whether they'll be also available on the next generation of consoles later this year. The latter has not been promised by the developers so far, so we'd assume it won't be the case until they comment one way or the other.

The Kickstarter claims that Temtem will eventually be ported to all these platforms. | Crema/Humble Bundle

If you found that to be of use, why not take a look at our guide to picking the best starter in Temtem? Or you could try our guide to breeding Temtem, potentially creating critters more powerful than any you started with.

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