Is There an Avengers Endgame Video Game?

Is There an Avengers Endgame Video Game?

You’ll no doubt have seen Endgame by now, maybe even multiple times. If you’re looking for more, perhaps you’re wondering whether or not there’s an Avengers Endgame Video Game. Let’s find out.

Avengers Endgame released to critical and commercial success. It has quickly become one of the best-selling movies of all time, and manages to put a nice bow on the twenty-something films that came before it. If you left the theatre looking for more Avengers action, maybe you’ve been wondering whether or not there’s an Avengers Endgame Video Game. Well, to help get you up to speed, we’ll be answering the question of whether there are Avengers video games, and how you can play them. Let’s see what your options are here.

Is There an Avengers Endgame Video Game?

Given that superhero movies used to get licensed video game tie-ins, it’s understandable that you’d be wondering whether there is one for Endgame. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Avengers Endgame video game, as Marvel has moved away from licensed games in the traditional sense. If you’re looking to get your Avengers gaming fix then don’t worry, there’s plenty out there to scratch the itch.

Fortnite Avengers Endgame Tie-In

The closest thing we have to a proper Endgame Video Game is the recent update to Fortnite. It added Thanos, and several of the Avengers’ powers to the game, offering a special limited time mode for players to enjoy. It’s not currently live, however, with this being the second time Thanos and his goons have been added to Fortnite, it’s likely we’ll see it again in the future. For a look at how the Avengers Fortnite mode played out, visit our Fortnite Endgame Guide.

Lego Marvel Superheroes Games

Next up we have the Lego Marvel Superheroes games. There are 2 to pick up, and both offer some great Avengers action. The first game is more of a classic Avengers story, in line with the movies, while the second takes things to new dimensions. They’re both great games, with great cheats too. You can check out the cheats in our Lego Marvel Superheroes Cheats and Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Cheats Pages.

Square Enix Avengers Game

There is a AAA Avengers game on the horizon, though the details are still pretty scarce at the moment. So far we’ve only seen a brief teaser, though here’s hoping for an announcement at this year’s E3. For all of the details surrounding Square Enix’s E3 Press Conference, head to our E3 Scheduling Guide.

The Avengers Feature in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Another Avengers game to look forward to is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. It tells the story of Thanos and his Black Order, and features a bunch of characters from the movies. Think Diablo 3 but with Rocket Raccoon. For more details on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, head to our Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Release Date Page.

Lego Marvel Avengers

There’s a third Lego game that features the Avengers, Lego Marvel Avengers. It covers some of the stories from the movies including Iron Man 3, Thor Dark World, and Avengers Age of Ultron. For a look at character unlocks and cheats, head to our Lego Marvel Avengers Cheats page.

As more details are announced for the untitled Avengers Project from Square Enix we will be updating this page. Until then, why not read our article on the disappearance of MCU games.

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