It Was a Good Year to Believe in Beyond Good and Evil 2

It Was a Good Year to Believe in Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 lives and the internet reacts.

There are only a handful of video games with a cult status like Beyond Good and Evil 2. After years of teases, rumors, and false starts, Ubisoft Montpellier finally released the debut trailer for their long-awaited sequel. And fans were ecstatic- except maybe a few snarky commenters who thought for sure Beyond Good and Evil 2 would once again skip E3.

Ubisoft released the first Beyond Good and Evil back in 2003 for the Xbox and GameCube. Despite the game's unique setting and heroine, Beyond Good and Evil was deemed a commercial failure, and players who fell in love with the game's world and characters were doomed to live with the game's cliffhanger ending. Finally, the Beyond Good and Evil story continues and the internet's collective minds exploded.

The reactions are particularly hilarious in hindsight considering that plenty commentors prefaced the Ubisoft E3 press conference with the annual prayer, asking for a Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal, or outright denying its existence.

Coincidentally, if you're curious what happened to Axelayer after that pizza tweet:

Actually, one of the best parts of the internet's reaction to the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal is looking at the before and after Tweets from users who initially predicted another diappointing year for Beyond Good and Evil fans.

In other parts of the community, the Beyond Good and Evil subreddit finally came to life, even upping their subscriber base from 411 users to a whopping 442. The top post right now? A simple thread titled in all caps, "WE FUCKING GOT IT BOIS".

The top comment belongs to a user named CrimpingMadness who echoed the majority consensus, "I actually started crying the moment I realized."

There were also plenty of users who cautioned that this was only a cinematic trailer, and therefor we have no idea if the game will actually play okay. However, I think after nearly 15 years of waiting, the catharsis of finally seeing Beyond Good and Evil 2 is worth the joy pouring out from the community.

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