It's Been One Day but Netflix Renewed Castlevania for a Second Season with More Episodes

It's Been One Day but Netflix Renewed Castlevania for a Second Season with More Episodes

More Castlevania incoming for those saddened by its short season.

Castlevania is off to a bloody good start as Netflix announces that the animated series has been renewed for a second season on the day of its premiere.

Although it's only been a day, Deadline revealed that Netflix announced Castlevania will be returning for a second season with double the episode order, bumping the episode count to eight for the next season.

Netflix debuted the first season of Castlevania on the streaming service today based on Konami's Gothic action game franchise. The series is animated by Frederator Studios and written by comic book author Warren Ellis. Prior to the show's release on Netflix, producer Adi Shankar promised a bloody take on the franchise, which is very true but luckily doesn't detract from the original material.

Castlevania's first video game was released in 1986, and since then has become one of the most famous video game franchises. The story typically follows a member of the Belmont family as they wage a family war against Dracula which spans generations. The new Castlevania series on Netflix follows this mold, but tells an original story rather than adapt any specific video game. There are winks to the video game series in the show, but don't expect a direct adaptation.

Ellis for his part has been attached to write an animated film based on Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse, but the project was unfortunately cancelled. Eventually Ellis got a Castlevania project off the ground and onto Netflix, working with producer Adi Shankar (who will be adapting an Assassin's Creed anime series next).

I haven't had a chance to watch the series yet, but the word on the internet says that's it's pretty good. I'll have to find out this weekend when I have some free time, but until then you'll be comforted in knowing that there will be more Castlevania beyond the four episode season Netflix released today.

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