Japan Gets Adorable Super Mario Maker 2 My Nintendo Prizes, North America Gets to Stare Jealously

Japan Gets Adorable Super Mario Maker 2 My Nintendo Prizes, North America Gets to Stare Jealously

Japan understands you can never outgrow stickers and notebooks.

Another day, another instance of Japanese Nintendo fans getting way cooler stuff than Western fans. This time, Japanese members of the My Nintendo loyalty reward service are eligible to pick up a whole whack of amazing Super Mario Maker 2 goodies.

You can find the round-up of rewards on Nintendo of Japan's official site. The coolest and handiest reward is probably the Mario Maker 2-themed A5 notebook you can snag for 500 Platinum points. You can use the book to write down appointments, and there's also a section with grid-paper that lets you design Mario Maker levels when you should be studying or paying attention to some meeting or another.

300 Platinum points gets you a mess of stickers for you to... make a mess with. Some sticker sheets are in the New Super Mario Bros. style, while others utilize charming pixel art. Finally, for 400 Platinum coins, you can get your very own "Under Construction" sign with Bowser's leering insignia upon its yellow surface. The sign doubles as a notepad for when you need to tell your family "Koop off, I'm not in the mood."

What a nice little packet of prizes. Sadly, there's no indication this Super Mario Maker 2 promotion is coming to western My Nintendo services. To date, North Americans can use My Nintendo points to get discounts on games at the Nintendo eShop, and not much else. It's not a bad exchange, but it's also not sheets of stickers I can plaster all over my laptop.

Have a look at our Super Mario Maker 2 guide, and look forward to the game when it arrives on the Switch June 28.

Thanks, NintendoLife.

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