Japanese Ad for Destiny 2 Is the Country's Gift to a Troubled World

Japanese Ad for Destiny 2 Is the Country's Gift to a Troubled World


North American ads for Destiny 2 challenge you to fight for the things and people you love. Bungie's message for Japan is a little different, however: Dance hard or go home. Yeah, Japan is encouraged to open their wallets via a three-minute "Freestyle Playground" ad. It's … it's pretty great.

Japan's never been shy about dancing in honor of great games. Its commercial for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is still the example we ought to wheel out if aliens ever visit us and ask, "What is art, humans?"

It'll be a little while before our Destiny 2 review is done, but Mike already has lots of initial impressions, and Matt observes some ways in which Bungie aims to bring back the hardcore fans. Good luck getting on the servers, though.

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