Japanese Pokemon Go Players are Now Getting Creepily Photobombed by Team Rocket's Giovanni

Japanese Pokemon Go Players are Now Getting Creepily Photobombed by Team Rocket's Giovanni

Giovanni knows what you did last summer.

Steel yourselves, Pokemon Go trainers: Team Rocket head honcho Giovanni is photobombing players in Japan. Going by past trends, including Team Rocket's initial invasion, this likely means the evil businessman will be introducing himself soon.

Giovanni slid into Pokemon Go during Yokohama Japan's recent Go Fest. Attendees using the AR feature noticed the big boss often appeared in their pictures, glaring at the players while adjusting his PokeBall cufflinks. Frankly, looking at the tweets of photobombed Japanese Go players is a bit unnerving. I feel like Giovanni is about to tattle about the bodies I have bricked up in my basement... oh. Whoops.

It's not surprising to learn Giovanni is making his way to Pokemon Go. Team Rocket has been slumming around the game since the end of July, occupying PokeStops, stealing their items, and then challenging players to fights when they're told to knock it off and go home. Team Rocket utilizes corrupt "Shadow Pokemon" in their battles, and if you rescue and purify the critters, you might wind up with some pretty powerful fighters on your team.

Unlike Pokemon Red and Blue, Team Rocket isn't a total pushover in Go. They don't restrict themselves to Rattata and Zubats in battle; there's a good chance they'll throw in a Snorlax that backhands you back to your home screen. Who knows what kind of shenanigans those crazy kids will get into when Giovanni descends from on high to lead his dark flock?

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