Jogger Can Run But Never Truly Escape Hitman 2's Homing Briefcase

Jogger Can Run But Never Truly Escape Hitman 2's Homing Briefcase

The attaché for the determined assassin.

There are a lot of weapons in Hitman 2. Even the most mundane object is made lethal in Agent 47's hands. But one in particular caught the eye of players, and the glorious return of the heat-seeking briefcase has inspired fans to see just what they can do with it.

In a post to the Hitman subreddit, user u/D-ClassPersonnel chucks the infamous briefcase at a jogger in the Miami level. It rotates through the air, careening toward its target with the slow-but-steady cadence of Jason Voorhees. As it bends around corners and phases through walls, it's hard not to enjoy the long delay of the inevitable.

Doesn't seem like there's any takebacks once you've thrown the determined lil' thing either. | u/D-ClassPersonnel, IO Interactive

The briefcase was initially a glitch in the system, homing in on poor unsuspecting targets or passers-by, seemingly indifferent to the laws of physics. Recently, in keeping with the slapstick assassinations, the briefcase was brought back—ceaseless advance and all—to mess around with, after being originally patched out by developer IO Interactive.

This has led to a smattering of new attempts to use the briefcase in previously unthought of ways. The same briefcase flinger took it to the final level of Hitman 2 to see if it would follow The Constant as he escaped via helicopter (it did). They also found that you could use it in the original Hitman's classic level Sapienza while target Silvio Caruso tries to escape in a plane, though the results are both hilarious and ineffective.

Hitman 2's massive sandboxes and slightly intentional Wile E. Coyote brand of physical comedy amid a world of assassination is what made it an easy lock on our 2018 GOTY list. It's good to see that not only is Hitman 2 continuing to get new content after its launch, but its keeping the heart and soul of the franchise alive. Now, time to see if I can fling that briefcase at the racecars in Miami...

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