Join Mike and Kat For a Live Breakdown of Last Night's Switch Event [Done!]

Join Mike and Kat For a Live Breakdown of Last Night's Switch Event [Done!]

The morning after the event, Kat and Mike will be on Youtube talking about everything they learned.

We now know a lot more about the Switch, and we have opinions! So many opinions.

At 12pm ET/9am PT, Mike and I will be hopping on Youtube to discuss everything we saw and take your questions. You can subscribe to our channel for updates or simply watch the stream that will be embedded here tomorrow.

You may be wondering why we're using Youtube instead of Twitch or Facebook Live. The truth of the matter is that Mike and I will be on Skype, and Facebook Live is pretty cumbersome for a remote setup. We're also trying to build our Youtube presence a little bit this month, and we're exploring some of the possibilities with streaming.

In any case, I'm sure you will have plenty of thoughts on Nintendo's announcements, and we'd love to hear them. Join us on the stream, or leave your comments on the thread. We'll see you tomorrow!

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