Joker From Persona 5 Steals Hearts in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tomorrow Along With a Big 3.0 Update

Persona 5 isn't the only Persona getting some love in Smash either.

He's finally here. Joker will be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow as part of the Challenger 1 Fighters Pass. And as seen in a trailer showing off Joker in action, the other Phantom Thieves will also be joining Joker in battle. Well, sorta.

The new DLC will introduce a stage based on the Mementos dungeons from Persona 5, which will host a welcome style swap depending on the Persona music selected for it. Persona 4's sunny yellow breaks out when longtime series composer Shoji Meguro's "Reach Out to the Truth" plays ("Time to Make History" and "I'll Face Myself," in a new arrangement, are the other Persona 4 tracks making an appearance), while Persona 3's blue chimes in with our favorite "baby, baby, baby, baby" from the soundtrack's own battle tune "Mass Destruction." (Only two tracks from Persona 3 made the cut, with the other being the battle version of the Velvet Room music "Hymn of the Soul."

Joker's primary weapons and tools include a gun, a grappling hook, and the spell Eiha. While not a weapon, Morgana will also pop up to feed him a compliment when he taunts. Like Bayonetta, he doesn't have much in way of alternate costumes, with his school uniform being the only other option aside from his Phantom Thief get-up.

Joker's moveset also has a unique perk, with a meter that builds up with the more damage he takes. Using the guard move Devil's Guard helps him build up the meter faster too. When it's full, he can summon his main squeeze of a Persona, Arsene. Arsene then boosts any damage Joker inflicts on opponents. Joker can also counterattack after a successful block when Arsene is loitering behind him. Joker's Ultimate ability unleashes an All-Out Attack in signature Persona 5 fashion. His victory screen is even the same as we see in Persona 5, with a light jog onward as the familiar music plays, only now the losers politely clap for him too.

Also launching tomorrow is Patch 3.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Patch 3.0 will bring with it a Stage Builder, which previously leaked in a Nintendo video of people playing Smash. Players will also be able to edit videos in a new video editor, which can then be exported and shared through the new Smash World online service. In Smash World, accessible through the Nintendo Switch Online app, players will be able to view and share custom stages people upload too.

The Mementos stage will change depending on the Persona music playing. | Nintendo

The Persona-themed bundle will also bring with it a Joker route in Classic Mode and a special Persona 5-themed Spirit Board. Mii Fighters will also be getting a Morgana hat for Persona 5, a Teddie hat for Persona 4, and a full-on Persona 3 protagonist swordfighter outfit. (The gloomy boy gets some love after all!)

Joker is the first paid DLC character following the early buyer bonus Piranha Plant launched earlier this year. The Challenger 1 Fighter Pack will cost $24.99 in total for all five upcoming fighters, including Joker. But if you just want all that Persona goodness, a pack of Joker, the Mementos stage, and a bundle of 11 songs from the Persona series will be sold separately for $5.99. All the other content, like the Stage Builder, will be available for free in Patch 3.0 tomorrow.

For more on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's ever-growing roster, check out our DLC guide for everything coming to the fighter on Switch.

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