"F*** the Oscars" - Fans React to A Way Out Director's Wild Game Awards Rant

Fares' Wikipedia page was temporarily locked due to digital vandalism

I attended The Game Awards in Los Angeles last night, and without a doubt the highlight of the show was hearing game director Josef Fares passionately talk about his new game, A Way Out. I wasn't alone as Fares' rant against the Oscars, critics, and a jab at publishing partner EA at the awards show sparked major conversation on social media, and even temporarily flooded Fares' Wikipedia page with nonsensical edits.

At one point during the Game Awards, host Geoff Keighley was on stage with Fares to talk about his upcoming game A Way Out. The co-op prison escape drama that serves as a follow-up to Fares' previous directorial debut, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. However, Fares' plug for his upcoming game quickly took a detour to cursing out the Oscars, cursing out critics, and giving would-be developers the inspiration to believe in themselves.

"If the whole world tell me 'your game is shit,' I will tell them, no, it's not," said Fares on stage at one point.

You can see his full speech below.

The response to Fares' speech has been widespread, with some on social media claiming that he stole the show for them. What's even more impressive is the fact that Fares and A Way Out's Wikipedia page had to be locked due to digital vandalism. Apparently some Wikipedia users began editing Fares' Wikipedia page with references to Tommy Wiseau, the mysterious director of the cult film, The Room.

Watching Fares give his speech in-person was definitely an experience as members in the crowd began murmuring once he dropped the first F-bomb. However, when Keighley (in retrospect perhaps a mistake) told Fares that cursing was okay, all bets were off. As the expletives began to fly, the audience began to react more positively, which seemed to encourage Fares up on stage.

However, much like other hosts that night, Fares had some words to say about EA, the company publishing A Way Out. Just as Geoff Keighley was trying to get a handle on the situation, Fares explained that "It doesn't have anything [to do] with the EA s***t going on, with the loot boxes and stuff… EA has been very good to me."

"All publishers f*** up sometimes," Fares added in reference to EA's loot box controversy.

The fact that Fares said this about EA is a bit funny in hindsight as an internal EA marketing document actually found its way online last month which highlighted Fares as a personality with great passion, but notes the company "need[s] to watch out for controversy."

Safe to say, it was a standout moment for The Game Awards, and one that went off-script in the best way.

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