July Community Poll: What Games Are You Enjoying Most Right Now?

July Community Poll: What Games Are You Enjoying Most Right Now?

Which games have you been playing the most through the month of July? Tell us in the comments!

July is winding down already, if you can believe it. It's sobering to think about how quickly time slips by. Well, we have a choice right now: We can weep over our fragile mortality, or we can talk about which games we spent the most time with through July. I vote for the latter option.

If you remember, we held the first Power Poll in June and got a lot of great responses. Same deal this time around: Leave a comment on this article with up to three games that you've been playing and enjoying the most over the past month. Make sure to rank them and let us know why you're enjoying those titles!

As was the case with the June poll, the games you're currently playing don't have to be new. If you've been playing a whole lot of Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 (for whatever reason), tell us!

We'll have the full rankings later this week, along with our staff picks. See you then!

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Nadia Oxford

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