Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: A Terrible Reaction

Just Cause 3 Story Mission Guide: A Terrible Reaction

Take out the militia and commandeer a gunship.

  • Take down the militia in the city
  • Commandeer the gunship and escort Mario to safety

The first thing you need to do in this mission is destroy three tanks. Parachute into the town below, but keep your distance. You can take down the tanks from afar with a rocket launcher, which is a big help.

Destroy all the tanks, then go deeper into the city. Make your way over to Mario. Keep to the rooftops as you attack the militia in the area. You need to be close to the roofs' edges to take out the enemies below, but you can move back to the middle of the roofs once the militia start shooting at you.

You must keep Mario safe from harm. Again. He can absorb a few hits, but if he's in danger of dying, fight a bit more aggressively to draw enemy fire away from him and over to you. If you need more weapons, you can drop down to the ground and loot the green locker.

When you've taken out several enemies, more arrive via parachute. Try and pick them off while they're still airborne so you won't have to deal with them when they hit the ground. You can also take out the fuel rig they fly over to blow away a bunch with minimal effort.

When the gate lowers to block you, tether it to the top of the nearby gate structure to move it out of the way. Jump onto the back of the truck and make sure the rebels get out of the city without incicent. When the ship attacks from above, use the grappling hook to reach the gunship. Then pull out the pilot and use the helicopter to shoot down remaining enemies. In particular, target vehicles and explosive items on the sides of the road. Doing so will make your job easier.

When Mario escapes, the mission is done. When you're ready to move to the next story mission (Friends Like These), go to the south of Soros, which is southwest of your current location.

If you need more help, check out our Main Guide and Walkthrough Hub Page. It contains links to the rest of our Just Cause 3 guide.

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