Kerbal Space Program 2 Launching on Consoles in 2020

Kerbal Space Program 2 Launching on Consoles in 2020

The lovable game about space exploration is finally getting a sequel.

Today during the Gamescom Opening Night Live, one of the bigger announcements was the reveal of Kerbal Space Program 2. If you missed the first game, it placed you in charge of a spaceflight program staffed entirely by the little green creatures called Kerbals. It offered a realistic physics simulation, letting you craft and launch your own unique spacecraft. The failures were as fun as the successes.

The first game was developed by indie studio Squad, but the rights to Kerbal Space Program were purchased by Take-Two Interactive back in 2017. The sequel is coming from Take-Two's Private Division label, with development being handled by new Washington-based studio Star Theory Games. Alongside the official announcement trailer came a trailer about the studio itself, which includes veterans from Monday Night Combat developer Uber Entertainment.

"This is a game that merely gives you toys to play with and an infinite playground with which to play with them," says Star Theory creative director Nate Simpson. "The things that you create the problems you solve, they can be as challenging as you want them to be."

The developer also promises that modding will still be a big part of the experience. "The technological developments made to the foundations of Kerbal Space Program 2 will build on the beloved modding capabilities of the original game, as well as deliver on the long-requested addition of multiplayer," says the official site.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2020.

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