Kids Get a Thundershock When Detective Pikachu Showing Accidentally Replaced With Horror Movie

When Ghost Types get a little too real.

Last week, some kids were treated to an unforgettable Pokemon experience that didn't involve any Pokemon at all. A movie theatre in Montreal accidentally showed the R-rated horror movie The Curse of La Llorona on a screen that was supposed to show the decidedly more family-friendly Detective Pikachu. Cue screaming children.

ScreenRant's Ryan George chronicled the mix-up on Twitter when he attended the cursed Detective Pikachu showing. Things started off uneasily when the theatre trotted out previews for Joker and the upcoming remake of Child's Play (you know, the franchise about the doll that murders people). The sneak peeks understandably set some young kids off, but at least they got a warm-up for the main event.

The Curse of La Llorona is a horror movie based on the Mexican legend of La Llorona ("The Weeping Woman"). La Llorona is said to have murdered her children, and now wanders the world in search of their bodies. Movie critics rated The Curse of La Llorona poorly due to its over-abundance of jump scares. Sweet dreams, kids!

The unfortunate Montreal children were quickly shooed into a theatre actually showing Detective Pikachu. R.I.P. to the unfortunate theatre employee who had to sop up all the terrified kids' pee puddled on the seats.

Let's not kid ourselves: The Pokemon franchise has some messed-up lore behind its Ghost Types that's right at home next to Mexico's weeping lady. And as Kat and I discussed on the most recent episode of Axe of the Blood God, Detective Pikachu has some darker moments that might be a bit too intense for very young children. However, there's a big difference between reading about how Palossand buries its victims alive and actually seeing it happen on-screen. Especially if you're in the neighborhood of five years old.

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