Killer Queen Black Is Bringing Arcade Vibes Home on the Switch, PC, And Mac Next Month

Killer Queen Black Is Bringing Arcade Vibes Home on the Switch, PC, And Mac Next Month

The snail is nearly at the goal.

Whether you already have a buzzing hive or need to group up with your fellow worker bees, Killer Queen Black will be ready to welcome you on the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac on October 11. As the first home adaptation of the arcade game, Killer Queen Black is shipping with new features like bot matches, spectate mode, and cross-play to help expand the player base beyond Killer Queen's dedicated arcade competitive scene. The game is priced at $19.99 on Switch, with a discounted pre-purchase price of $16.99 on the eShop.

Developed by Liquid Bit and based on BumbleBear Games' original 10-player arcade cabinet, Killer Queen Black pits two teams of four against one another in multiplayer rounds that can be won in one of three ways. For a military victory, you have to kill the other team's designated Queen three times, which can only be done by your team's Queen or a Worker-turned-Soldier. Economic victories are achieved by bringing a set number of berries back to your team's hive. For a snail victory, a team has to move an incredibly slow snail to the goal on your team's side of the map.

The feature set of Killer Queen Black should help newcomers learn the game and find people of a similar skill level to play against. It'll have a tutorial, bot matches, a spectate mode, and will let players choose from ranked or unranked matchmaking along with private custom matches. Local play is supported on a single Nintendo Switch for four players, and eight players can play on two connected Switch consoles. The online multiplayer will support cross-play across the Switch, PC, Mac, and Xbox One.

In March, Killer Queen Black was announced as an Xbox Game Pass title, but Liquid Bit has yet to confirm a release date for the Xbox One. The game will also receive a physical edition on the Switch with included exclusive controller skins, priced at $29.99 and currently dated for October 25.

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