Kingdom Come: Deliverance Aims to Get First-Person Combat Right

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Aims to Get First-Person Combat Right

Warhorse's upcoming realistic medieval RPG claims to have "revolutionary" combat.

Although games are pretty good at giving first-person shooting a decent amount of "oomph" these days, developers still seem to struggle somewhat with first-person melee combat.

Even high-profile games like Skyrim are blighted with wafty combat that just feels like you waving a stick around in someone's face rather than actually having any real heft and impact behind your strikes. Others, like PC title Chivalry, are making somewhat bolder attempts to fix the problem, but there's still not a lot out there that can match the natural fluidity of something like Dark Souls' combat -- still the benchmark for real-time, realistic medieval-style fighting in my book -- from a first-person perspective.

Developer Warhorse is hoping to change all that with its upcoming Kickstarter-funded project Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which made the headlines a while back for offering a medieval RPG experience without all that "goblins and magic" nonsense, and then again for comfortably exceeding its funding goal with a total of more than twice the amount it was originally asking for.

A new video update from the developer promises "revolutionary" combat, and goes on to demonstrate how it all works. Take a look:

Attacking is determined by the weapon you hold, where you aim at the enemy and what type of attack you choose to use. With a sword, for example, you can stab or slash, and special attacks include kicks, punches or pommel strikes. With six different discrete zones on enemies for you to target, that makes a total of 18 possible basic attacks per weapon, plus the ability to block and parry, a la Dark Souls. Combat is tuned for one-on-one confrontations -- while you will end up being "the hero" in the game's overarching story, this isn't a tale of superhuman strength and swatting enemies aside like in a Dynasty Warriors game; taking on more than one foe at once is a significantly dangerous prospect, and will likely prove very challenging.

Alongside the relatively "personal" battles, you'll also take part in larger-scale skirmishes as just one pawn in a vast army, and contribute to castle sieges at various points throughout the story. For the most part, you'll be actually participating in the battles yourself rather than taking overall strategic or tactical control of the battlefield, which should make for a unique perspective on a type of combat normally reserved for grand strategy affairs.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Kickstarter campaign still has nine days to run at the time of writing; if you'd like to find out more or pledge your support, check out the campaign page for more details.

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