Kingdom Come: Deliverance Staff Celebrate a Million Copies Sold, Say Patch is Coming "Next Week"

Thy kingdom has indeed come, Warhorse Studios.

About a week ago, Kingdom Come: Deliverance celebrated selling 500,000 copies of its RPG. Turns out the next major milestone wasn't far behind. Earlier today, Warhorses Studios said Deliverance has cleared a cool million copies since its February 13 release date.

Warhorse's co-founder, Daniel Vavra, celebrated Deliverance's success over Twitter. He also said a patch is coming to repair game balance and other unnamed issuess. A follower asked for an ETA and Vavra said "Next week." Deliverance has already been patched a couple of times, but fans are looking forward to future updates—especially improvements to the game's troublesome lockpicking mechanic.

Rick Lagnese, Warhorse Studios' US community manager, echoed Vavra's celebration on Twitter. "This is truly amazing," he wrote. "Thank you sooooooooo much everyone!"

Thinking of getting into Kingdom Come: Deliverance to see what the fuss is about? You'll want to look over our Deliverance guides for beginners' tips, combat advice, and much more. You can also listen to Kat and I gab about the game on the Axe of the Blood God RPG podcast.

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