Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review Round-up: Gritty, Gristly, and Glitchy

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very ambitious RPG, but it suffers from technical problems galore.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG that dishes up all the blood, sweat, and dirt medieval warfare was infamous for. It may look a bit like Skyrim, but its systems and combat are much more complicated: You can't one-shot your foes by grazing their arm with an arrow at 1,000 feet.

Many reviewers are impressed with the dedicated realism on display in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but there are also several complaints about bugs, a lack of polish, and a general "unfinished" feeling that dogs the game.

Ain't nothing more medieval than clubbing a foe while worrying about the mysterious itch that's been plaguing your nether regions since you last visited a lady of the night.

Here's a sample of what other sites are saying about Warhorse's ambitious title. Check out the game's Metacritic page for more.

Game Watcher (8/10)
[LINK] "I was completely enthralled by the first three hours of the game, but the more I explored its systems, the more grating they became. It never stopped it from being a great title—and it occasionally recaptured that magical immersion from the first few hours—but its issues are so severe that they effectively ruined my enjoyment of what is an otherwise very good game."

Dark Station (4/5)
[LINK] "The moment I was given control of Henry, I knew immediately that this is going to be something people will either love or hate. And that’s completely fair: this is a pretty demanding game. There’s nothing simple or easy about Kingdom Come and were it any more involved you could get away with calling it Serf Simulator. However, I can’t deny being drawn to a special something that lives just below the surface."

Hardcore Gamer (3.5/5)
[LINK] "As it stands, visually, technically and mechanically sound its foundation is, Kingdom Come: Deliverance‘s performance is an unruly and occasionally unpredictable beast."

Windows Central (3/5)
[LINK] "Like RPGs? Love games like Elder Scrolls and The Witcher? Chances are, you'll also love KCD. It's a game that attempts to take the tried and tested formula used by the big names in the industry and add a little factual history and mechanics to match the real world."

TheSixthAxis (4/10)
[LINK] "[W]hen there’s more than one assailant, especially if there’s a big battle going on, the frame rate tanks to levels where it’s incredibly difficult to react. Often I would be doing rather well, only for some unseen foe to take tons of health off."

IGN (Review in progress)
[LINK] "Warhorse’s designers seem to have struck the right balance here: sword fights have a nice tempo and reward technical skill, quick thinking, and most of all patience, but don’t feel cumbersome or incomprehensible."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Unscored)
[LINK] "[P]erformance drops are just the tip of the iceberg. Long loading times are rampant throughout the game. Pop in is also frequent and while this can be mitigated by reducing the graphical settings, this barely helped in my time with the game."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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